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A close companion to the national capital of the Federation

Adiri, a minor world, most well known for its long, long, association with Anfieden. It was always considered the weaker of the two, though in the ages since Anfieden's fall from grace and the rise of Envis, Adiri has become far more powerful. Though we don't often like to admit it, Adiri is the superior sibling, economically, by population, and perhaps most importantly, politically.
— Zaleus Lemanal, Cerol Politician, 4759AC
The planet Adiri, is a small terrestrial planet located within the sector of Iomhare, the capital sector of the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets. A nearby neighbour of the Federation's capital planet Anfieden, with the two planets both found within the Aladran star system, Adiri has long played second fiddle to it. This status with Anfieden saw Adiri become a founding member of first the Federation of Iomhare, and its later successor in the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets.
Despite a naturally breathable nitrogen atmosphere, and a shared discovery date with Anfieden, which saw colonial efforts begin in 86AC, Adiri saw major efforts begin millennia later. The first colonists were from the neighbouring Anfieden, controlled by the 1st Imperial Republic of Jerace through the Provisional Republic for the Aladran Region, which saw Adiri as a prospective military outpost, capable of protecting the economically important Anfieden. The planet was officially proclaimed as a colonial asset in 2612AC, with the city of Selain being established on the planetary surface.
Adiri would fall under the control of the Republic of Anfieden, after the disollution of the Provisional Republic, though was initially granted only limited representation. The formation of the unified Republics of Anfieden and Adiri would see both planets granted proportional representation based on their populations, favouring Anfieden, but ultimately granting Adiri the representation it needed.

Astrographical Overview

Adiri is located within the star system of Aladran, orbiting the G-Class star Aladen.

Planetary Overview




Other Urban Areas


Frozen Tundra


Major Locations


Astrographical Information
  • Aladran
  • Aladen
  • N/A
Physical Information
Diameter 6,325 kilometres
Atmosphere Type A+2
Primary Climate Tundra // Continental
Primary Terrain Mountainous, Hilly
  Societal Information
Native Species
  • N/A
Immigrated Species
  • Human 
  • Numerous Domesticated Species
Primary Language
  • 3.7 Billion
  • Adirien
Major Cities
  • Veldrun
  • Cansia City
  • Selain
Planetary Laws and Legality
Planetary Citizenship
  • Jus Sanguinis
  • 14 Months Minimum
Federation Immigration
  • Open Borders
Galactic Immigration
  • Minor Restrictions
Age of Work
  • 17
Age of Drinking
  • 17
Age to Drive 
  • 16
Age to Drive 
  • 24
Location under


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