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De-Facto Capital of the Federation

It may not be the biggest, nor the most populated, but the political and economic centre of the galaxy is there, on Envis. Such is that planet's power, that hundreds of other Federation planets must unify to prevent its total domination of that nation. With it, the Federation stands, though should it ever fall, then the rest of the Federation would no doubt fall alongside like marbles.
— Mikhail Zotov, Imperial Director of Foreign Relations, 4456 AC
Of all the known planets in the Universe, the single most powerful is the ecumenopolis of Envis, de-facto capital of the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets. It is an economic, political, cultural, and trading hub for the entire Galaxy of Astraesto. It is home to an endless variety of organisations, including most prominently the Federation Federal Government, which meets at the Envien Congressional Assembly, as well as the administrative hub for the Armed Forces of the Federation, which utilizes the Envien Central Military Office for its own affairs.   The planet-wide city of Envien dominates the planet, split into five large planetary districts. Each district contains billions of souls, with the entire planet having an estimated population of just under 950 billion, making Envis one of the most populated planets within the Federation and Galaxy.   Envis also boasts an extremely powerful and productive shipbuilding industry, headed by Envis Shipyards Incorporated - the principle contributor to the Federation Interstellar Navy and its many subsidiaries. Erin Station serves as the centrepiece of orbital infrastructure, simultaneously operating as a construction point for military and civilian ships, and a centre for trade.

Planetary Overview

Envis is one of the few planets in the galaxy considered an Ecumenopolis, with the entire planet consumed by the planet-wide city of Envien. The city is separated into five distinct districts - often referred to as cities in their own rights, Tradara-Read, Glaskar, Meakar, Postela, and Alenris. These districts each span huge lengths of the planet, and tens to hundreds of billions reside within each, with even the least populated district, Glaskar, accounting for over 50 billion residents.   While all types of buildings exist in all of these districts, they are, by and large, specialised into different industries and zones. Glaskar serves as the industrial district of the planet, filled with interstellar shipyards, and manufactories. Postela and Alenris are principally responsible for the residential heartlands of Envis, while Meakar holds the majority of governmental buildings on the planet. Finally, Tradara-Read is the educational and technological centre for the Federation, with thousands of universities and research institutions calling the area home.
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  Under each of the districts are many sub-districts, which are used by the Envis Congressional Body to elect both representatives to the lower house, and in addition senators to the upper house.


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Colonisation & Early History

(84AC - 156AC)   The earliest recorded date for the existence of what is now Envis, was in 84AC, by the TES Determination, commanded by Captain Shiva Jafari. While the planet was considered noteworthy for its breathable atmosphere, the nearby Anfieden saw far more large scale colonisation efforts. Despite this, several small and medium scale communities began to rise up on Envis, with most choosing to settle along a large plains area in the planet's southern hemisphere, today Postela.   It wouldn't be until 101AC that the New Terran Republic officially began colonisation efforts, constructing a large spaceport and surrounding town. In honour of the second President of the Republic, the new town would be christened Meakar. Much like Anfieden, Envis soon saw large-scale immigration to the planet, with their large flat lands, and breathable atmosphere proving an almost inescapable lure to many Humans during the 1st millennium.   Over the next two thousand years, Envis, and the rest of what is today Iomhare, saw unprecedented growth in Human history, and both Anfieden and Envis were considered potential capitals for the Human Nation. Though neither ever held the title, often being beaten out by Horizon, Genesis, and Viperia. Envis became an important hub for trade, and its cities and populace soon became incredibly wealthy. Alongside this wealth came the beginnings of several shipyards, that served civilian shipping for dozens of planets.  

1st Galactical War

(2288 - 2305)   Envis would remain a loyal planet of the New Terran Republic for two millennia. It would take occupation during the 1st Galactical War for the planet's affiliation to change. The 1st Imperial Republic of Jerace would capture the planet, following a deadly siege, that saw New Terran Military Forces valiantly defend every centimetre of the planet.  
Cerol and Ophare have fallen Admiral, and the continued efforts of General Pavlov will soon see Envis surrender as well.   Excellent news captain, move the fleet to Envis, the arrival of this flotilla will surely press the remaining defenders to lose faith. Let Pavol see the power this navy can wield.   As you order Admiral.  
Jaylin Maslov & Larissa Morin
The planet would fall under a harsh occupation for the rest of the war, with Jeraci security forces imposing early curfews, and arresting anyone even suspected of harbouring thoughts of rebellion. Many residents were forced into military ship manufacturing, inadvertently causing the planet to become a hub for all kinds of shipbuilding and construction.   Over the rest of the war, Envis served as an important staging post for the Imperial Navy of Jerace. With a dejected populace soon becoming subservient to military authorities, the planet became one of the safest occupied by the Empire. Unlike many other planets in the galaxy during this period, Envis prospered during the conflict, much to the anger of many of its neighbours.
  Following the ceasefire, and later peace treaty that would end the Terran-Jeraci War, Envis, as well as the rest of modern-day Iomhare, would be ceded to the Imperial Republic of Jerace. Despite the ardent protests of millions across these worlds, many soon came to appreciate the stability that Jerace brought to the region. This appreciation became especially prevalent following the dissolution of the New Terran Republic. Nevertheless, a devout and increasinly large group, began to lobby for Envisien independence.  


(2366 - 2372)   The autonomy, and later independance of Envis  

Envien Republic

(2372 - 2643)  

The Federation

(2643 - Current)  

1st Civil War

(3464 - 3469)  

2nd Civil War

(3573 - ????)  

2nd Galactical War

(3998 - 4039)    


(4120 - 4150)  

Modern Day

(5th mellenium)  

Major Locations


Envien Congressional Assembly

  The Envien Congressional Assembly is one of the most reconisable, and largest buildings on the surface of Envis. It serves as the principal meeting place for the Federation Federal Government, and for that reason, Envis is often regarded as the de-facto capital for the entirety of the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets.  
The building itself stretches across a large area of the Meakar district, and is connected to several other buildings that surpase the Assembly itself in sheer size - mostly office buildings.
      Erin Station   Erin Station is the principle space station for the entirety of Envis. It is the largest such station in the Iomhare sector   Meakar Unity Hospital   The largest hospital in the Iomhare sector.


    Astrographical Information
  • Jelran
  • Jelran Prime
  • Vortania
  • Adaren
Physical Information
Diameter 10,614 kilometres
Atmosphere Type A
Climate Temperate
Primary Terrain Ecumenopolis
Societal Information
Native Species  
  • None
Non-Native Species
  • Human
  • Numerous Domesticated Species
Official Language
  • Envis Planetary Government
  • Iomhare Sector Government
  • Federation Federal Government
  • 947 Billion
  • Envisien
Major Cities    
Planetary Laws and Legality
Planetary Citizenship
  • Jus Sanguinis
  • 32 Months Minimum
Federation Immigration
  • Open Borders
Galactic Immigration
  • Some Restrictions
Age of Work
  • 17
Age of Drinking
  • 17
Age to Drive 
  • 16
Age to Drive 
  • 22
Alternative Name(s)
Location under
Included Organizations
Ruling/Owning Rank
Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets
Organization | May 16, 2024

The Bastion of Democracy, the Federation is one of the many nations that make up the Galaxy of Astraesto, and the most powerful.

Sector of Iomhare
Geographic Location | Mar 30, 2024

The Capital Region of the Federation

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