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Jaydei Aerospace Industries & Manufacturing

A large Federation shipbuilding corporation

Jaydei Aerospace Industries & Manufacturing, often shortened to Jaydei Shipyards, or Jaydei Manufacturing, is one of the preeminent shipbuilding corporations in the galaxy. The company is primarily located across the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets with its central headquarters, and primary industrial areas located on the planet of Jaydei in the Identre Sector. Unlike its principle rival - Envis Shipyards, Jaydei Shipyards is owned by the Jaydei planetary government.   The primary buying for Jaydei Shipyards is the Federation Interstellar Navy, although they also sell large amounts of equipment to the Federation Air Force. Jaydei Shipyards primarily focus on constructing smaller space faring vessels, with a limited amount of production allocated to the construction of battleships and carriers. Most of the focus of the company is on crusiers and destroyers. Recently however, Jaydei Shipyards was involved in the construction of the FNV Iomhare, the first in a new type of warship, the Battleship Carrier. They were mainly involved in the weaponry implacements on the vessel, rather than the main frame or body.
Founding Date
Corporation, Manufacturing
Alternative Names
Jaydei Shipyards, Jaydei Manufacturing
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