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FNV Iomhare

The first in a new line of warship

The newest ship of the Federation Navy, the FNV Iomhare is and will be the next generation of naval warship. We shall see a Renaissance in shipbuilding thanks to this vessel.
  The Federation Naval Vessel Iomhare is the leading ship of the 1st Generation of Sector Class Battleship Carriers. It serves as the current flagship for the 1st Sector Fleet, under the command of Admiral Landon Wellington. Built by the Envis Shipyards, the ship combines the aspects of both battleships, and carriers, with an impressive armament, and the ability to hold many squadrons of fighters and bombers.   Built in 4759 AC, the FNV Iomhare was always considered to be the next generation of warship for the Federation Interstellar Navy. With the Navy and Federation Federal Government sparing no expense in its construction. It is armed with some of the most advanced systems in the entire Galaxy of Astraesto, both weaponry and other equipment. The FNV Iomhare and the rest of its class were intended as the first ships in the next line of warship, straying away for the first time in millennia from the tried and tested carrier, battleship, cruiser, destroyer, frigate, and corvette. These ships would combine the capabilities of both the carrier and battleship, creating what is intended as a devastating hybrid class, that can both deploy hundreds of air and spacecraft, and take the brunt of a hostile attack.  
by Jeremy Bezanger on Unsplash
The Imperial Republic of Jerace strongly denounces any effort by the Federation to construct such a weapon. In so doing, they are destabilising the fragile status quo, furthering conflict between our two nations and the Galaxy at large.
- A Jeraci Government Spokesperson
The construction of such a colossal naval vessel quickly drew harsh criticism from numerous nations, politicians, and groups. The 4th Imperial Republic of Jerace especially decried its construction, with the battleship carrier seen as an escalation of military force, in a galaxy where peace had all but reigned for centuries. Even within Federation governance, there was a deep divide between those in favour, and those opposed, and for many varied reasons. Some opposed the construction simply on party lines, while others, even those nominally part of the Federal Government opposed it under the assumption that the project was a waste of resources, and unnecessary for the already insurmountable Federation Navy.   However, there was also substantial support for the battleship carrier project to continue, especially among the higher echelons of both the Federation's government and military. The Envis Planetary Government found the construction especially attractive, as it would add a hundred thousand jobs to the planet.
  Once the construction truly began, there was no amount of protestation that could stop it. An enormous number of workers were employed for the new warship, more than had ever been assembled for any single ship in the past. To protect the security of the new vessel, many shipyards were tasked to construct certain pieces, mostly across the Envien shipyards, but other Federation planets as well, including shipyards owned by Jaydei Aerospace Industries & Manufacturing - the largest competitor to Envis Shipyards. The final assembly of all the parts would take place on Envis, in Envien's Glaskar district.   The final ship would be unveiled in August, 4759 AC, before a large number of government and naval officials, including the President of the Federation Liam Black, Minister of the Armed Forces Andrea Noruma, and Naval Chief of Staff John Rendon. It was named the FNV Iomhare, after the capital sector of the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets, Iomhare. Following its successful unveiling and maiden flight, an additional four battleship carriers were ordered, with the FNV Raybia, and FNV Austra joining the Federation Navy several years later. The next battleship carriers, likely to be named the Engonia and Canadia respectively, are still in construction.   The FNV Iomhare has become the flagship of the 1st Sector Fleet replacing the carrier FNV Rose Sinclair. It has yet to see any combat, and it remains to be seen how well it will perform.
Federation Intersteller Navy by Blocky
Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets Branch
Federation Interstellar Navy
1st Sector Fleet: Unity
Federation Naval Vessel
Creation Date
4759 AC
Owning Organization
2727km/h (Cruising Speed) | 31ly/s (Light Speed)
Complement / Crew
24,401 (Minimum) | 151,129 (Optimal)
Missile Weaponry
92 FNMDS-122B
27 FNMDS-100A
15 Dual FNMDS-146C
Kinectic Weaponry
115 FNKLB-2003A
49 Dual FNKLB-1231
29 Triple FNKLB-1244D
Laser Point Defence Weaponry
37 FNLDW-AP101
6 Dual FNLDW-AP102
1 Triple FNLDW-AF4
Air & Space Craft Capacity
20-22 Squadrons of Fighters & Bombers
40 Transports


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Jan 21, 2023 08:41 by Joshua

I love the inclusion that these ships had their pieces spread across multiple planets. It is easy to get in the rut of having Item A comes from Place A and B from B. Also, the use of having competitors working together really seems to build the idea of the Federation stronger (at least from an outside readers perspective).