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Envis Shipyards

The largest of the many contributors to the Federation Interstellar Navy

They're old, they're rich, and they're powerful, not to mention they make the best warships in the galaxy. There is a reason we use Envis ships, and not the junk that the Apreasean's make.
- Federation Navy Officer
  Envis Galactic Shipyards and Manufacturing, commonly known as Envis Shipyards, is a privately owned shipbuilding corporation, known for its extensive cooperation with the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets. In terms of pure output, the Envis Shipyards are generally regarded as the preeminent shipbuilding corporation in not just the Federation, but the entire Galaxy of Astraesto. With a central headquarters located on Envien, and numerous shipbuilding stations, both in orbit around Envis, and across its planetary surface, the Envis Shipyards are able to provide commercial and military vessels to thousands of organisations and government bodies.   The close relationship between the Shipyards and the Federation Federal Government has granted them numerous concessions not usually given to private corporations. It is through these concessions that elements of corruption have spread in the shipyards, with only occasional Federal Police investigations serving to prevent it. It is often the unofficial position of the Federal Government that, so long as the supply of government and military vessels remains uninterrupted, the affairs within the shipyards are of no matter to the state.   The only sigificant rival to the dominance of the Envis Shipyards is the government controlled Jaydei Aerospace Industries & Manufacturing, directly built to hamper the hegemony of the Envis Shipyards over Federation industry. While technically rivals however, both shipyards often work together on projects, such as the development and construction of the FNV Iomhare, the first in a new ship class, the Battleship Carrier.
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