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Iomharian (Eye-om-harr-ee-an)

A dominant cultural ethnicity of the Federation

Snobish and out of touch, common stereotypes of the typical Iomharian, a stereotype they seem unwilling to disprove.
  Iomharians (singular: Iomharian), colloquially known as Federals, are the individuals associated with the National Sector of Iomhare, that serves as the Capital Sector of the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets. They are one of several dominant ethnic groups within the Federation, and while most are located within Iomhare itself, they have a significant diaspora throughout the rest of the Federation. The de-facto capital of the Federation, Envis, is home to the largest number of Iomharians, with 950 billion individuals calling the planet home.
Iomhare Sector Flag by SparkyTheSec0nd

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