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The people of the Federation Sector Raybia

"Damn Raybiens."
Raybiens are an ethnicity of Human who live in the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets Sector of Raybia.   Raybiens are renowned for their eccentric and extroverted lifestyles, and works of Raybien make are often considered the greatest examples of Federation Culture. Raybiens are some of the most common celebrities, especially movie and tv stars. The Raybia Sector is commonly regarded as the leisure capital of the Galaxy of Astraesto.   Raybiens have also served in some of the most powerful of positions in Federation Government, including 13 Presidents (2nd most after Iomhare), and 45 Deputy Presidents. There have also been hundreds of Raybien leaders in the Federation Armed Forces, such as Lieutenant Admiral Brian Layost.


Major language groups and dialects

Major organizations

Parent ethnicities
Diverged ethnicities
Notable Raybiens
Brian Layost - Brian Layost is a Federation Navy Lieutenant Admiral in the 3rd Sector Fleet. He participated in the Operation Sanctuary Task Force and in doing so became known as the 'Space Devil'.                                                                                      


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