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Dinarians are the ethnic and native people of the planet of Dinarn - a fully aquatic world within the Sector of Raybia in the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets. They also have a significant disporia on the surrounding planets of the Raybia Sector.   Dinarians are often some of the finest athletes in the Federation - especially in swimming and other water-based sports, in no small parts thanks to their native ocean world. Despite only having a population of a little over a billion, Dinarians punch way above their weight, often competing with the far more numerous Enviens and Feraldanaeans in national competitions.    The planet of Dinarn was one of the final colonised in the Raybia Sector, with the Republic of Raybia doing so in 2548. The planet being completely covered in water was the biggest obstacle to colonisation but with the discovery of a variety of rich mineral nodes below the water, Raybia's government arranged an initial mining expedition. This mining expedition soon blossomed, with hundreds of thousands - including newborn children, living on massive platforms above the water. Since then the population of the planet has only grown, especially with technological advancements, helping the Dinarians to fully establish a functional society.

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