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Sector of Raybia

A Founding Sector of the Galactic Hegemon

Rich, powerful, influential, Raybia is all of these things, but for millennia it has always played second fiddle to Iomhare. I say it's time for a change in power.
— Felos Rabenon, Raybien Senator, 4763AC
The Sector of Raybia is an Initial Sector of the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets. Containing four star systems, 9 fully colonised worlds and numerous research, mining, and trade outposts, Raybia has long been considered among the most powerful and influential of the Federation's many Sectors. The rich urban metropolis and cultural icon Serdica, serves as the Sector's Capital and is often compared to some of the most powerful planets in the Galaxy. Other notable planets in the Sector include Dinarn, a fully aquatic world, and Seycin, another urban metropolis.   The Sector is most notable as one of the dual founding Sectors of the Federation, alongside Iomhare. Numerous Federal organisations, including the Federal Trade Union, are headquartered across the Sector. In addition, the military organisations, the Federation Interstellar Navy, and the Federation Maritime Navy are led from Serdica and Dinarn respectively. As with many Sectors, Raybia employs a unicameralism system of government, with representatives from each planet forming the Sector Assembly, with the Government being led by a Premier. The President of the Federation also serves as President of Raybia, although the small, mostly symbolic powers that come with this role are delegated to a Sector Governor. Klara Kras is the current Premier of Raybia, while Mark Playford serves as Sector Governor.
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