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Envien Meteorite

A cultural artifact, within the heart of the Federation

A stone at the centre of the most powerful planet in the galaxy, a now eternal symbol of union.
  The Envien Meterorite, also known as the Iomhare Meteorite, or the Unity Meteroite, is a cultural artifact of the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets located in Unity Square, within Tradara-Read, Envis. A large meteorite, it is significant and symbolically powerful thanks to it falling in a Planetary Impact Meteor Shower during the final hours of negotiation between the Republics of Anfieden and Adiri and the Republic of Envis to form the Federation of Iomhare, the direct predecessor to the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets.   The fallen meteorite quickly became a popular tourist destination, with a large area surrounding it forming a large public square - today Unity Square. It stood directly in front of Tradara Read's Governmental Hall until the building was demolished and replaced with the modern Envien Congressional Assembly - the home of the Federation Federal Government, with the meteorite remaining a constant reminder of the original unification of republics that led to the Federation's foundation. The final stage of the inauguration of a new or continuing President of the Federation sees the swearing in of the president in the wake of the meteorite.   The meteorite has been damaged during several conflicts that have involved Envien, including the 2nd Galactical War.
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