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Federation of Iomhare

The predecessor to the modern Galactic Superpower

The only reason anyone can even name the Federation of Iomhare, is because of what it became. A hundred nations formed from the collapse of the New Terran Republic, Iomhare is not unique in this regard. What is unique, is how it formed the basis for a galactic superpower two millennia later in the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets.
— Abby Bailey, Osheni Politician, 4720AC
The modern day Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets - perhaps the most powerful nation in history, was formed from a union of two infinitely more tiny nations, the Federation of Iomhare, and the Republic of Raybia. Despite this impressive continuity, the Federation of Iomhare itself lasted only a month, between its own formation, and the merger with Raybia. From this one month, dozens, if not hundreds, of modern day Federation organisations and institutions can claim heritage. Including of course, the sector of Iomhare itself, arguably one of the richest and most powerful areas in the entire Galaxy of Astraesto.   Six planetary republics would merge with one another to form the Federation the Iomhare. The Republics of Anfieden and Adiri, the Republic of Beon, the Commonwealth of Cerol, the Republic of Envis, the Ophare Union, and the Republic of Retricon. It would be Anfieden and Envis that would spearhead Federation between these powers, with President Gelran Belfust of Anfieden and Adiri, and Maxwell Blayen - an Envien diplomat, leading the push towards a union. Anfieden and Enivs were by far the strongest planets in the Iomhare, and soon unification was strongly considered, and thereafter accepted, by the governments of every Iomharian planet.   Thanks to his role as one of the chief orchastrators of the Federation, Gelran Belfust was elected by the governments of each planet as the first President of the Federation in the transitory period. It was widely expected, that an official election, involving all the residents of the newly formed Federation, would take place shortly thereafter. In addition, Anfieden would be chosen as the capital planet, with the initial assumption among government representatives being that the capital would shift every few years.   No election would ever take place in the Federation of Iomhare, nor would the capital ever shift away from Anfieden. Seeking to protect themselves against the power of the 1st Imperial Republic of Jerace, the Republic of Raybia offered an unprecedented deal, one of full unification with Iomhare. It did not take long for the offer to be accepted, and soon, Iomhare and Raybia, became the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets.
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2643 - 2643

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