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Myth of the Lone Arog

A lonely folktale, of an extinct deadly creature

They say that one remains,   deep, deep down,   below our endless cities,   below our unending mines.   A survivor, they say,   the last of its kind,   the last of a kind long thought forgotten.   They say you can hear its sorrow as you near,   but only the bravest venture that far,   and none are yet brave enough to march any further.   For they say an Arog is a beast that cannot be tamed,   A terror, a monster, a demon in disguise,   yet this one is different.   It feels things, it knows things,   it feels loss,   it knows it is the last.   It knows that to venture from its home beneath invites death,   so it stays, deep deep underground,   mourning the rest of its kind.  
Myth of the Lone Arog,
  The Myth of the Lone Arog was a common folktale, most popular around the early 4th millennium, directly after the extinction of the Arog. It revolves around a final member of the Arog species, that lives deep underground in seclusion, forever mourning the rest of its kind.   It still remains unclear the exact origin of the myth, although it appears to have been a simple folk story that found its way into popular media. The myth is generally regarded to have been begun around the Felldown caverns, and the villages, towns and cities that surrounded it, but it quickly spread and gained popularity over the entire planet of Anfieden.

Historical Basis

The Myth of the Last Arog is entirely rooted within the Great Arog Extinction, which occurred between 2945 to the final years of the 3rd millennium. The myth itself is generally regarded to be untrue, and is widely considered to just be an old tale commonly used to scare children.    Several attempts have been made to venture down into the deepest caverns of Ansular, to find evidence of such an Arog, but thus far all attempts have failed.
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