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Federation Federal Police

The Federal Law Enforcement Agency of the Federation

Other nations would kill to have the personnel of the Federal Police for their entire militiaries, let alone a single law enforcement agency. We sometimes forget just how large, and by extension bloated, this Federation has become.
— Unknown
The Federation Federal Police (FFP) is the principal federal law enforcement agency of the Federation Federal Government. Its primary roles include national security as well as investigating major crimes. The FFP also includes several sub organisations, including Federation Congressional Police, which is responsible for the protection of Federation politicians and the Envien Congressional Assembly. The FFP serves under the Ministry of the Attorney General, and is accountable to the Federation Federal Government. Liam Hinkey is the current head commissioner of the FFP, following the FNV Porter Hijacking which saw many high-ranking FFP members lose their jobs.    The FFP is primarily concerned with investigating, disrupting, and preventing large and complex organised crime, primarily related to terrorism, human trafficking, and drug smuggling. It also supplements security organisations concerned with protecting important Federation dignitaries, and provides protective security to spaceports. The FFP regularly communicates and works alongside other federal law enforcement agencies, including Federation Federal Intelligence, as well as many planetary police forces. Federal Intelligence serves a similar role to the Federal Police but is more concerned with espionage and other acts of foreign interference, though the FFI also deals with terrorism, with their being some overlap between the two organisations.
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