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System Fleets

The most common division of power in the Federation Interstellar Navy

The System Fleets are the primary fighting body of the Federation Interstellar Navy. They are groups of around 20 to 40 warships, with a varied composition of carriers, battleships, cruisers, and destroyers, as well as several support vessels. Each fleet is commanded by an Admiral or Fleet Admiral. At present there are 32 (33 including exploratory fleets) System Fleets, spread across the Federation Navy's four operating theatres. System Fleets differ from Sector Fleets and defence fleets in that they are intended as a mobile reaction force, rather than a stable defensive force.   The System Fleet is the oldest division of naval power in the Federation Navy, with the 1st Iomharian System Fleet being formed upon the creation of the Federation of Iomhare. Following the subseqent reformation into the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets the System Fleets again grew to encompase the Raybien Space Command. With each new sector to join the Federation more system fleets were created. The creation of the Sector Fleets upon the construction of the Anfieden Trans Galactical Highway saw the System Fleets dramatically downsized. For several years the Sector Fleets had the majority of warships under their thumb, however the System Fleets have since outnumbered the Sector Fleets.  

System Fleets

Fleet Admiral LT. Admiral(s) Operating Theatre
1st Fleet Ferdinand Gebhard Arien Grant H-COM
2nd Fleet Britta Russel Louis Domincoy JR-COM
3rd Fleet Jordan Connolly Sr. Angus Stroud H-COM
5th Fleet Edgar Edgarson Jayden Hill H-COM
6th Fleet Sam Dashei Joel Kane AL-COM
7th Fleet James Rayert Georgina Turner H-COM
8th Fleet Sara Jankowski Mark Wyk H-COM
10th Fleet Vince Day Hamish Reynolds R-COM
11th Fleet Ludwik Stefano Ryan Andol APOH-COM
14th Fleet Edward Regar Jr. Ashleigh Bowers JR-COM
15th Fleet Edwin Vas H-COM
16th Fleet Leo Dagh AL-COM
18th Fleet Cai Tiang R-COM
19th Fleet Heinrich Aach Richard Gaterling H-COM
20th Fleet Harry Charles H-COM
21st Fleet Wilfred Greeley JR-COM
22nd Fleet Nicholas Nadler H-COM
23rd Fleet James Graydon JR-COM
24th Fleet Samuel Watkins Ashley Parnr JR-COM
25th Fleet Christopher Newfield AL-COM
26th Fleet Eve Lindon R-COM
28th Fleet John Morelok H-COM
29th Fleet Hayden Collins JR-COM
30th Fleet Spencer Hughes Ivan Parkin APOH-COM
31st Fleet Dominic Fry R-COM
33rd Fleet Felix Baker Kaidan Destre H-COM
34th Fleet Luke Graham Jonathon Hackett N/A
35th Fleet Hudson Riley H-COM
36th Fleet Edward Long H-COM
37th Fleet Yun Ji-Kye H-COM
38th Fleet Boris Bukharin JR-COM
39th Fleet Phillip Powers Patrick Matteucci H-COM
40th Fleet Thomas North Timothy Proffet JR-COM

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