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Fleet Admiral

The highest officer rank in the Federation Interstellar Navy

Admiral Charlie Wallace seems the best-fit sir, he has proven himself in combat before, and already commands a Sector Fleet. Such a force will only be bolstered by him at the helm.   An excellent choice Commander, see Wallace in Fleet Admiral Blues. He already commands a hundred vessels, let's see him lead another 3 hundred.
- NCDR Alfredo Mitchell & Andrea Noruma
  The rank of Fleet Admiral in the Federation Interstellar Navy is the organisation's highest officer rank. A Fleet Admiral immediately supersedes an Admiral, although the rank of Naval Commander is placed above the Fleet Admiral. As the Federation Navy offers Admirals command of an entire fleet, a Fleet Admiral is instead charged with managing several combined fleets - the amount of which can vary drastically. Generally considered a wartime role, there are no current Federation Navy officers who hold the rank, although Admiral Charlie W. Wallace held the rank temporarily during the 4760 Kidnapping Crisis as the commanding officer of the Operation Sanctuary Task Force.   While Fleet Admirals often command soley System Fleets, on occasion Sector Fleets and even Defence Fleets have been placed under the command of a Fleet Admiral. Notable occasion where this occured include the previously mentioned Operation Sanctuary - where the 3rd Sector Fleet joined a number of System Fleets, and during the Invasion of Iomhare, where Elaine J. Kyra commanded the largest fleet in Federation military history.
Civic, Military, Commissioned
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Fleet Admiral
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