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Elaine J. Kyra

Chief Architect of the Greatest Victory in Galactic History

Fleet Admiral Elaine June Kyra

A mere support officer to begin, soon made into a captain. Then came the promotion to admiralty, and the fame it brought her. Finally bringing her to her zenith, as a Fleet Admiral of the Federation Interstellar Navy. A story of how anyone can rise to the top, provided they have the neccessary skills. Elaine J. Kyra certainly did. Though perhaps the less said about her political career the better.
- Placeholder Character
  (REWRITE NEEDED)   Elaine June Kyra was a Tolean-Federation naval military officer and politician. During the 2nd Galactical War she served as the Admiral of the Iomhare Defence Fleet, and later Fleet Admiral of the combined Federation Navy forces during the Invasion of Iomhare. She was responsible for planning and executing the defence of Anfieden, and subsequent Federation counterattacks into Jeraci Space. After the war she became a three term senator for Tolea, before her retirement in 4066, and death in 4074.   Born on the 30th of January, 3990 AC, on Tolea, Kyra was only 8 when the 2nd Galactical War began. Her father was a Captain in the Federation Navy, and her mother a leading official at the Federation Central Base Command. As the 2nd Galactical War began, Kyra was forced to live with her grandparents on Envis. When she was 16 she joined the local Naval Academy, and graduated from the Academy by the time she was 19, and was quickly enlisted in the Navy.   In 4014, she became 1st Officer on the FNV Immunity, a battleship in the Iomhare Defence Fleet. In 4015, 4 months after her posting, a mutiny occurred on board, led by the 2nd Officer. Marines on board the ship were able to quickly pacify the rebellion, and return the ship to loyalist hands, however, not before the Captain was killed. Due to a lack of manpower, Kyra was promoted to Captain of the Immunity, despite only being 24 at the time.   By age 30, in 4030, Admiral Carteno - the commander of the Iomhare Defence Fleet, was replaced, in a navy wide initiative to eliminate failing commanders, and replace them with up and coming officers. Kyra was nominated as his replacement, and took over command of the Fleet on the 18th of March.   Nearly a decade after her appointment to Admiral, the 3rd Empire of Jerace stood ready to attack Iomhare. As the Admiral of the Iomhare Defence Fleet, Kyra was the leading commander of all Federation Navy forces in the Sector. Initially, the Invasion of Iomhare became the site of several defeats for the Federation, and governmental officials were quick to lobby for Kyra's removal. However, in preparation for the Battle for Anfieden, the Secretary of the Military Hugo Venwolf instead promoted her, to the rank of Fleet Admiral of the Pact of Anfieden. This rank allowed her direct control over all the Federation Forces that would fight at Anfieden, as well as Apreasean forces.   The Battle for Anfieden would turn into one of the greatest victories of the 2nd Galactical War, in large part due to Kyra's leadership. The Jeraci Navy would fall apart after this defeat, with the Federation organising large counterattacks across the Galaxy. Kyra led several of these counterattacks, even commanding Federation forces at the Battle of Moneyye, the final battle of the 2nd Galactical War. Kyra participated in the peace talks, that brought an end to the War.
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • Fleet Admiral of the Pact of Anfieden.
  • Admiral of the Iomhare Defence Fleet.
  • Captain of the FNV Immunity (Fmr.)
  • First Officer, FNV Immunity (Fmr.)
  • Date of Birth
    30th January, 3990 AC
    Date of Death
    6th September, 4074 AC
    3990 AC 4074 AC 84 years old
    Tolea, Iomhare, Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets
    Place of Death
    Anfieden, Iomhare, Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets
    Aligned Organization

    Character Portrait image: Photo by Guillaume Bolduc on Unsplash


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