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Officer to the Federation and Apreas

Officer to the Federation and Apreas is an honorary title granted to an individual who has performed significant contributions to both the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets and the Kingdom of Apreas. At present only fifteen people hold the title. The title is granted at the beginning of the galactic year, at a ceremony held first on Avanor and later Envis, formerly Anfieden.   The title was created in 3918, with an amendment to the alliance between the Federation and Apreas. The governments of the two states believed that the role would help relations between the two peoples grow. 47 people were initially granted the title, mostly diplomats and political activists, though notably the heir to the Apresean throne, Princess Elsie, also gained the title.   Across the next century, the role would continue to be used commonly, and relations prospered between the two nations. With the climax of the 2nd Galactical War, the Federation and Apreas became the two most powerful nations in the Galaxy of Astraesto, and with this power came conflict. The role was retired, although those who already had the rank kept it until their deaths.   It wouldn't be until several hundred years later that the Officer to the Federation and Apreas title would be reinstated. The role has now seen constant use for hundreds of years, although the exact number of recipients has drastically changed from year to year. The rank is well respected in both nations.
Still in Effect
3rd Amendment to the Alliance between the Federation and Apreas
Length of Term
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