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Sector of Austra

An elder sector of the Federation, that has long lost power and influence over its contemporaries

Austra is so often forgotten in favor of Iomhare and Raybia, a remnant of bad poliking throughout the 4th mellenium. But we were just as instrumental in the Union creation. A devestating inservice to the great work Austran's have acomplished for the Federation.
— Savvas Andrelis, Austran Planetary Representative, 4759AC
The Sector of Austra is an Initial Sector of the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets. With five star systems, 8 fully colonised worlds, and a huge number of research and mining outposts, Austra is regarded as a powerful Sector of the Federation, though often regarded as inferior to the other Initial Sectors. The industrial and manufacturing centre of Krennic serves as the Capital of Austra, though a majority of political activity is undertaken on Ambos, especially in recent years.   Austra is notable, and garners most of its influence for its status as the first Sector to join the Federation, after Iomhare and Raybia formed it. During the early years of the Federation, Austra served as the staging point for the majority of the Federation Federal Army, but alongside its waving influence, has since lost this status. For the most part Austra headquarters only minor Federal organisations, including the Astronomical Rescue & Recovery Service. Austra operates under a bicameral system of government, with the upper and lower houses forming the Austran Parliament, collectively overseen by a Sector Governor, who is appointed by a Sector wide vote. The President of the Federation is automatically appointed the Premier of Austra, although this role is completely symbolic with no real power. Mihail Mareas currently serves as the First Minister of Austra, as leader of the lower house, while Eva Panaki serves as Sector Governor.
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