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Party of Democracy

One of the most successful political parties in the Galaxy

The Federal Andisien Party of Democracy is powerful, of that there is no question. The impact that the Party has had on our politics is unimaginably grand, far beyond some of the other eldest political parties. Though I must wonder if the Presidents of the past would approve of the party in the present. We must ask ourselves, would Maxwell Blayen, or Emily Raien, approve of Liam Black and his policies?
— National Alliance (Opposition) Spokesperson
  One of the oldest and largest political groups in the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets is the Federal Party of Democracy, renamed the Federal Andisien Party of Democracy following the 1st Federation Civil War, and before that known as the Federal Unity Party. The party has served as one of the dominant left-wing groups within the Federation since the 4th millennium and has seen numerous Presidents and other notable political figures among its ranks. At present, the Party of Democracy is part of a triumvirate of left-wing political parties, which also includes the Federation Labor Party, and the Federal Democrats League, who together form a majority coalition government in the Federation Federal Government. With the most seats in both the Senate and House of Planetary Representatives, and with President of the Federation Liam Black claiming allegiance to the Party, the Party of Democracy remains the most powerful political party in the Federation.
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