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Republic of Sanoliad

The only national body within the Galaxy of Sanoliad

Sanoliad is a satellite galaxy on the fringes of the Galaxy of Astraesto, being about 5000 light-years away from it. Officially seen as an intergalactic territory of the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets, it is mostly a mining galaxy used for raw resource exports to central locations in Astraesto. It is a sparse galaxy, with most planets only having 1 or 2 population centres. Many live on the planets of Sanoliad, and its populations have been steadily increasing. There is a major piracy issue in Sanoliad, as it used to be a lesser-known satellite galaxy, and as such had been the home to many pirate groups. In recent years, the Federation has attempted to exterminate the pirate threat, although piracy is still a possible danger when travelling through Sanoliad. Sanoliad itself is deemed to have a "moderate" danger level for non-military spacecraft, most travel in Sanoliad is safe, although it is safer to travel with some sort of security, or on public transport.   Despite being owned by the Federation, and subject to Federation law, Sanoliadens do not have representation in Federation elections, and can only vote in planetary and governor elections in Sanoliad. Furthermore, they do not pay Federal Income Tax, and rather pay tax to the planetary governments. The only representation of Sanoliad in the Federation government is the Governor of Sanoliad, currently Timothy Chelly.   In the year 4750, the Intergalactic Development Project was launched with the stated goal of developing the intergalactic territories of the Federation. It was also created because of the rising piracy issue in Sanoliad. The project created greater exports of Sanoliaden resources, allowing the Federation to have a larger budget for spending. This caused Sanoliad to have better infrastructure, and a higher standard of living. Along with these benefits, Sanoliad gained their own galactic garrison for protection against pirates.  

Piracy in Sanoliad

In 4743, a large crackdown on piracy was done in the Astraestian territory of the Federation. A larger pirate gang known as The Lords had been busted by Federation authorities, this caused many of them to flee Astraesto in an attempt to evade getting arrested. Many fled to Sanoliad as its status as a satellite galaxy had placed it out of the Federation's radar for more important locations. Soon Sanoliad had a high rate of piracy and illegal ship intrusion. At its peak, even some mining planets had been substantially damaged by pirate forces. By 4748, riots started in Sanoliaden planets, and by early 4750 the Federation Intergalactic Garrison was created to protect intergalactic territories, starting with Sanoliad. By 4760, the piracy rates were down by 50%, yet piracy continues to be a problem in Sanoliad.


The Head of State of Sanoliad is known as a Governor, and is currently Timothy Chelly  The Governor makes decisions regarding Sanoliad and is accompanied by 20 Advisors during the decision making process. Below the Governor and Advisors is the General Assembly, which is made of of elected representatives of planets. The General Assembly serves 4 main purposes: Creation & scrutiny of laws, planetary representation, scrutiny of government choices, and providing a form of government. The elected representatives also make decisions regarding individual planets.


The Sanoliad culture is very open, people from all walks of life are accepted into Sanoliad by its citizens. Despite this, many disdain people of Jeraci origin due to the Jerace-Sanoliad war. This changes from planet to planet, but most people of Jeraci origin do not speak about it. There is also a sizeable social hierarchy of age in Sanoliad. It determines the respect given to a person, and how they are treated on social occasions.


During the 2nd Galactical War , a large displacement of citizens occurred on the fringes of Astraesto. This displacement created a large population of refugees that left Astraesto to other galaxies. One of the primary galaxies for refugees was Sanoliad. At the time Sanoliad was not a single political entity, but rather a set of loosely tied, self governing planets. Shortly after the refugee surge, the planets of Sanoliad created the Republic of Sanoliad. The head of the state was to be Ren Guiying, a former general of the Federation Army. With the ongoing Galactical War, and the infancy of the new Sanoliaden state, there was a need for Sanoliad to be prepared for war in the case that it did come. Guiying made a deal with Jerace, where Jeraci generals trained a centralised army and taught Jeraci tactics to the higher military command of Sanoliad.

Imperial Purges & Sanoliad-Jerace War

in early 4007, several Jeraci ships were moved out of their patrols and near other Sanolaiden planets. Jeraci ground troops were also moved out of their stations in their bases, and closer to cities. These movements were done under falsified orders from Sanoliaden commanders. Fearing this to be a preemptive strike from Jerace, Guiying ordered the withdrawal of the Jeraci military from Sanoliad. Stating that lack of cooperation would result in a direct attack of Jeraci bases. The Jeraci forces refused to withdraw from Sanoliad. Sanoliaden troops captured a majority of the Jeraci bases and exiled the troops from within them. Any Jeraci troops that refused to leave their bases were executed. These purges marked the beginning of the Sanoliad-Jerace War , and the involvement of Sanoliad in the Second Galactical war.   Jerace made a swift entrance into Sanoliad, capturing several planets within the first few months of the war. Despite this, Sanoliad dispelled many attacks on their major planets. The central planet of the war was Karaenion, one of the integral supply routes between Sanoliad and Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets. Sanoliad fought a defensive war through protractive resistance. For most of the war, the frontlines were stationary, with the longer supply lines of the Jeraci causing troops to have high quality weapons, but little to no replacements, but the Sanoliaden troops having constant supply with low quality weapons.  

Post Galactical War

In 4039, the Sanoliad-Jerace War ended with a Jeraci surrender. Sanoliad gained its pre-war territories back, and reparations were paid to Sanoliad by Jerace. The citizens of Sanoliad were in turmoil because of the retreats ordered by Sanoliaden commanders during the Sanoliad-Jerace War. Attacks from secessionists occurred over Sanoliad, and many created provisional governments. The unrest caused martial law to be declared, and many secessionists were arrested. This only increased the secessionist sentiment, causing more attacks. The Sanoliad government decided to seek help from the Federation. In return, the Federations sent a list of demands which, if completed, would mean that they helped Sanoliad. The list is as follows:
  • Sanoliad becomes a Federation protectorate with representation in the Federation Federal Government.
  • The current Sanoliad government is reformed to be similar to the Federation's own political system
  • All military assets belonging to the Sanoliad military are to remain in a semi-independent state, but will be subservient to the Federation Armed Forces, and individual naval vessels can be (with the permission of the Sanoliad government) requisitioned to the Federation Navy for its own use.
Agreeing to the condition, Sanoliad became a Federation protectorate. The Federation assisted in the quelling of secessionists.

General Assembly Attacks

After the Sanoliad government had been set up along with a temporary Federation provisional government in the case of state failure, the first elections and sessions of the Assembly were to be held. Several different political parties were to be created and voted upon in the upcoming election. One of the political parties created was the Free Sanoliad Party (FSP) . The party's goal was to create a Sanoliad which was not a Federation protectorate. This would be done by allowing Sanoliad to control its own military, and lessen the provisional government's presence in the General Assembly.   While not winning the election, the FSP did have a large number of supporters. Federation sources stated that the FSP started putting out propaganda in outer rim planets. Due to the smaller police force of Sanoliad at the time, the FSP was functionally free to put out any posters or messages that they wanted. Shortly after this burst of propaganda, the FSP rounded up supporters and created the Free Sanoliad Guard (FSG). The guard itself was initially a way for supporters to communicate and plan certain political meetings.   In 4045, after the turnaround of the second Sanoliad election, members of the FSG protested outside of the winning candidate's house. Soon they had broken into the house and attempted to find the candidate, who had left before the protest to a meeting. This act shocked the people of Sanoliad, and soon there was a negative sentiment regarding the legality of the usage of citizens to enact politically charged actions. In addition, police reforms were also of popular opinion. New laws were proposed regarding these newfound issues. In discussion with the General Assembly, a law was created which allowed political organizations to form their own public groups, but the actions of these groups were to be publicly displayed and logged. Furthermore, the police force was revamped, with a larger commanding force being placed in charge.   As the laws were placed into action, an explosion occurred at the door of the General Assembly. Members of the FSG stormed the building in an attempt to capture the governor. The FSG was successful in finding the governer and holding him in the building, causing a week-long hostage situation that ended with the release of the governor. Many of the perpetrators of the attack were brought to justice, although some key actors managed to escape. The General Assembly voted to dissolve the Free Sanoliad Party and Guard. Additionally, the funding of the police force was doubled, and a search was started for any still-active members of the FSG. The attacks forever changed Sanoliad, and caused a major turn from what seemed to be a peaceful chapter in it's history.

Libertas et Progressus

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Republic
Head of State
Government System
Democracy, Parliamentary
Power Structure
Semi-autonomous area
Official Languages
Controlled Territories
Manufactured Items


Sanoliad remains the largest Federation acquisition ever, falling under Federation control following the 2nd Galactical War and the Sanoliad-Jerace War. Unlike Kandino, the Federation has and does interfere with the Republic's internal affairs, such as a ongoing scandal involving the Governor of Sanoliad, Timothy Chelly, which has involved the Federation's Federal Police Force.

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