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Battle of Envis

A battle fought over one of the most powerful planets in the Galaxy

Beyond anything else, our primary objective must be to split the armada. Even the combined strength of everything avaliable to us will not be able to stop it in its present state.   We'd need a damn good lure for that Admiral. They sense blood now, they'll surely strike Anfieden with all their forces. The capital is strong, but not strong enough.   Envis will work.  
- Fleet Admiral Elaine J. Kyra, and General George Harvey
  The Battle of Envis was a large engagement of the 2nd Galactical War. It was fought between the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets and the 3rd Empire of Jerace, over the Federation controlled planet of Envis. Alongside the Battle for Anfieden, the Battle of Envis served as the catalyst for the eventual defeat of the 3rd Jeraci Empire.   Envis was, with Anfieden, considered by the Empire of Jerace as their final objective in the 2nd Galactical War. It was a strongly held belief within the Empire, and even within the Federation as well, that the loss of these two planets would finally cause a complete capitulation of the Federation Armed Forces. As such, the largest and most powerful fleets and armies of both nations would clash throughout the Invasion of Iomhare, as would reinforcements from the Pact of Anfieden and the Kingdom of Apalachi.   Unlike the Battle for Anfieden, the Battle for Envis was a mainly ground engagement, between the Federation Army and the Imperial Army of Jerace. This was an intentional strategic decision by Federation Fleet Admiral Elaine J. Kyra and General George Harvey, separating the land and space forces of Jerace in two, while the main Federation Navy lay in wait in Anfieden, and a large number of army troops prepared to repel a Jeraci assault of Anfieden. Envis was chosen as the ground theatre due to a much larger number of anti-air and anti-space guns on the surface, as well as a spread-out population across the entire world, as opposed to the centralized populations of Anfieden.   Because of this strategic choice, the Battle for Envis was a stalemate for almost 5 months, with Federation and Jeraci ground forces clashing all over the planet. Many cities would fall during the conflict, and many tens of millions would lose their lives - both military and civilian. But with the decisive Federation victory over Jerace at Anfieden, reinforcements soon arrived on the planet, and any remaining naval or ground troops on Envis were either destroyed or surrendered. In two quick battles, a large portion of the Jeraci Military was destroyed, never the regain their strength. The Empire would be on the defensive for the rest of the war, as the Invasion of the Jeraci Empire became a resounding victory for the Federation. Many monuments on Envis still celebrate those who died during this battle, and the war at large.  



Order of Battle


Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets

  Federation Envien Naval Command - Naval Commander Julius Zenan  
  • Sector Fleet Command - Senior Admiral Jason Walker
  • 3rd Sector Fleet: Vigilance - N/A
  • 2nd Subsector Fleet - Lieutenant Admiral Filas Lawson
  • System Fleet Command - Senior Admiral
  • 16th Fleet -
  • 72nd Fleet -
  •   Federation Envien Ground Forces Command - Planetary Army Commander   
  • 2nd Army Group (Meakar Defence Forces) - Major General Emily Maven
  • Placeholder
  • 76th Army
  • 44th Division
  • Placeholder
  • 7th Army Group (Tradara-Reed Defence Forces)
  • Placeholder
  • Placeholder
  • Placeholder
  • Placeholder
  • Placeholder
  • 9th Army Group (Glaskar Defence Forces)
  • 15th Army Group (Melia Defence Forces)
  • 19th Army Group (Greater Envien Defence Forces)
  • 20th Army Group (Docher Defence Forces)
  • 193rd Army
  • 77th Army Group (Reserve/Militia Forces)
  •   Federation Envien Air Force Command    Federation Envien Nautical Navy Command
  • Envis Planetary Nautical Fleets
  • 3rd Nautical Fleet - Nautical Admiral James Hale
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    After a five month long siege, Federation relief forces defeat the final Jeraci forces on the planet.

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