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Attack on Blayen Central Command Base

A significant conflict fought during one of the most deadly battles of the 2nd Galactical War

Seventeen space-to-ground missiles launched from the IJNS Letov sir!   Where?   Trajectory suggests Blayen CMD sir!   Shit, fire chasers, alert ground to air batteries and let CMD know what's coming.   Aye, sir!  
- Federation Naval Officers during the battle
  The Attack on Blayen Central Command Base was a pivotal conflict of the Battle of Envis during the 2nd Galactical War. It was primarily fought over the Blayen Central Command Base, which oversaw the entirety of the city of Tradara-Read, however air and space forces also fought in the battle. The attack would last nearly two months, with fierce urban combat between the Federation Federal Army and the Imperial Army leading to deadlock.   The Battle of Envis would begin in 4034 AC, almost simultaneously with the Battle for Anfieden, it was the apex of the Jeraci Invasion of Iomhare which began five years prior in 4029 AC. The two battles were to be the final stand for the Federation Armed Forces, and so were fiercely defended. Under the leadership of Fleet Admiral Elaine J. Kyra, the Federation elected to make Anfieden into a conflict of navies, whereas Envis would be the battle of the armies. This is not to say the Federation Navy and Army were not present at both battles, though the Interstellar Navy at Envis was in no shape to deal any significant blow to the Imperial Navy of Jerace. For the most part, though, the Battle of Envis was a ground battle characterised by enormous urban engagements across the major cities and towns of the Envien surface. Each of these urban areas provided a significant advantage to local Federation forces, though overwelming Jeraci firepower levelled most of the buildings.   The Attack on Blayen Central Command Base was a key point for the overall battle across the planet. The base oversaw Tradara-Read and its surrounding area, the smallest and least defended of Envis's five major cities. The Imperial Army intended to use the city as a staging area for their main offensive against the more heavily defended cities like Meakar and Glaskar. The Federation military was aware of the threat, but with the other major cities taking vast amounts of manpower to properly defend, Tradara-Read, and by extension the Blayen Command Centre, had far fewer defenders than what was needed to adequetely defend it.   Despite this lack of manpower, the 7th Army Group was assigned to tough role of defending the area from Jeraci aggression. Specifically, the 246th Army was directly tasked to defend the Blayen Central Command Base and the surrounding area. They would face the 47th Imperial Assault Army, which was supported by elements of the 101st and 145th Armies.   The resulting battle would devestate the urbacn metropolis in which the conflict was fought. Fighting was fierce by both sides, as Jeraci Naval forces rained down missile fire from the sky, with the Federation Interstellar Navy desperately trying to prevent the missile strikes, even with their limited forces. Continuous attacks came close to breaking inside of the Blayen Central Command Base, though were almost always prevented by Federation Army tanks and artilery. Near the conclusion of the battle however, Jeraci forces finally broke into the underground portions of the base, where the majority of the command structure was in place. Despite incredibly deadly hallway combat, Jeraci forces damaged the vast majoirty of the complex. However, Federation security forces were able to repel the attack before the entire complex fell.   Even with the severe damage that the command base took as a direct result of the battle, the Federation largely emerged victorious. While the attack was technically a strategic victory for the Imperial Republic of Jerace, it had a limited effect on the overall Battle of Envis, as the Imperial Army was unable to fully capture the facility, or Tradara-Read as a whole. Both sides took heavy casualties.
Included under Conflict
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
December, 4034 AC
Ending Date
January, 4035 AC
Federation Tactical Victory, Jerace Strategic Victory
The Federation Army successfully forces a withdrawal of the Imperial Army of Jerace.   Most of Tradara-Read is captured by the advancing Jeraci forces, with Federation troops withdrawing to other cities on the planet.   Blayen Central Command base is decimated during the battle, and becomes inoperable for the rest of the Battle of Envis.   Both sides takes heavy manpower and equipment losses.   Several Envien opposition politicians finally unify with the Federation Federal Government, giving up their long standing plans and ideas for a conditional peace.


Military Branches
Imperial Army
Imperial Air Force
Imperial Navy
Defend the Blayen Central Command Base from attacking Jeraci forces
Destroy, heavily damage, or capture the Blayen Central Command Base
General you must hold, Envien can not withstand any significant defeat, after our victory at Anfieden, we will reinforce you with everything you have, all you must do is hold the line.  
- Fleet Admiral Elaine J. Kyra

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