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Federation Military Sign Language

A secretive form of communication utilized by the Federation

An array of hand signals portrays an impressive sight, to an untrained observer they may appear strange - random even, but to an experienced soldier of the Federation, those hand signals can mean a hundred thousand words. Sentences said in silence are a tool for the Federation, one of many we use in holding our Galactic Hegemony.
- Federation Federal Army Sign Language Instructor
  The Federation Military Sign Language is a heavily adapted version of Galactic Sign Language utilized by all the branches of the Federation Armed Forces of the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets. While slight differences have emerged between these differing branches - others described as different accents of a spoken language, for the most part, the singular sign language of the military remains intact. Special forces units see the most use out of the sign language, often using it during stealth missions, and during other objectives where it is preferable to be quiet.   A key issue with sign language is that it cannot be communicated over any sort of telecommunication device, often requiring some noise to be made in the event several teams are utilized at the same time. However, overall it is believed that the Federation Military's Sign Language has been a huge success for the organisation, with many within its ranks praising it, and declaring it a factor in the Galactic Hegemony the Federation currently holds over the Galaxy of Astraesto.

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