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Jester Jill

"Jester Jill was the last to laugh."
— Lorekeeper Aeron
  Jester Jill is a nursery rhyme that is popular to sing along among many children in Avalonia. But the tale behind this catchy rhyme has somewhat sinister origin. Maybe that's why the role of a court jester has never really been popular in the past decades. The castles that do have jesters are usually those of foreign lords.   While no one can pinpoint when the events of the Jester Jill song took place or which lord this jester was supposed to serve for certain, it is still an unnerving and chilling tale, that could very well happen some time long ago. And maybe it could even happen again.   Jester Jill, acording to most of the variations of the song, was a captive from an enemy clan that was pretty much erased from the map by their conquerors in a vendetta. Jill was believed to be the last member standing and after an excessive amount of torture to break their spirit completely, made to serve the chief lord of the rival clan, to be ridiculed to the very end. It was supposed to be a complete humiliation of everything their original clan stood for.   However, there must have been something left in the spirit of the Jester, as they were able to slowly poison their way through the rival clan and have the chief lord watch all of their kids die one by one. This is the part that is mostly featured in the song, as it is accompanied by a children's game of tag, where the designated child playing the jester is trying to catch all of the remaining other children and turn them into ghost.   While this is certainly not a tale one would tell their children before bedtime, or any time really, it is extremely popular among older children and you can find them chasing one another and singing about Jester Jill all over Avalonia. Childrens do tend to be fascinated by scary monsters and the song is on its own a tragic show of how far are people capable of carrying out suffering.

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