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How the Wire Rat Got its Name

A story about being yourself

Once, there were rats living happily in the Nisoran forests. They chewed and ate the vines that crisscrossed between the trees, and chewed and ate the roots the crisscrossed along the dirt.  
Then some humans came to Nisora. They change the forest to a city called Galendra, where wires crisscrossed between buildings and under the ground.   The rats had fun in their new home. They ate crumbs and played in trash. When they got hungry, they looked for vines and roots and only saw wires. They chewed and ate the wires that powered homes and shops, making lights go out across the city.  
The Galendrans didn't like this. They got angry at the rats, yelled at them and threw things at them, trying to force them to stop chewing and eating the wires. But the rats didn't stop, because they couldn't change who they were. They kept eating the wires, and the Galendrans kept getting angry.   Then the Protectorate came from across the stars. They arrived on Nisora and saw the Galendrans, who were bright and loud, and got angry. The Protectorate didn't like what the Galendrans sold in the stores, and didn't like what they did for fun, and told them to stop.   But the Galendrans didn't stop, because like the rats, they couldn't change who they were.  
After a lot of talking, and some yelling and some throwing things, the Galendrans convinced the Protectorate to let the people of Nisora be who they are. The Protectorate stopped trying to force the Galendrans to be someone different, and left Nisora alone.   Today in Galendra, we wear our bright colors, and put on our bright lights, to tell the Protectorate we are who we are, and you can't force us to be anyone different. And though the rats no longer eat our wires and turn off our lights, we remember them for being who they are, even when we asked them to stop.   So when you see a bright sign in the shape of a rat, hanging on the wall, think of the wire rats who taught us the most important lesson of all: to be who we are, even when someone else doesn't like it.

Author Commentary

Lie of omission
This story conveniently leaves out the fact that these rats were hunted nearly to extinction for "being who they are".
That's not how it works
It is my genuine hope people leave this story concerned about what it actually teaches children.

Cover image: by Aaron Lee, Nick Ong, Norah Khor


Author's Notes

This article was written as part of Summer Camp 2023. Follow the link to learn more.

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Aug 8, 2023 18:05 by Chris L

How did the rats not get electrocuted by eating the wires? Love the moral of the story!

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Aug 20, 2023 19:54 by Alex the Creatrix

Love the rainbow rats, and I like what you said in the author's commentary too. That's so true of most children's tales.

Alex the Creatrix Star Witch & Cosmic Ambassador to the Galaxy of Kantostara
Aug 20, 2023 23:33 by Rin Garnett

The disco rats were a lot of fun to make :) and yeah, this story doesn't encourage any self-reflection to consider why other people might not agree with what you're doing... but it's probably fine!

Dec 17, 2023 10:49 by Annie Stein

let them eat wires! - wirie ratoinnette, probably

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