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February 3229

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February 3229

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Nisora's neutrality agreement with the Protectorate exempts it from sector-wide laws, making it a haven for black market goods. The planet and its orbit have become common hosts for delicate negotiations for everyone from pirates to governing bodies.



Nisora pre-Scream travel poster
Nisora, pre-Scream travel poster by Rin Garnett
A travel poster created by the Terran Mandate to encourage people to apply to colonize Nisora. Features the famous stone pillars that dot certain rocky coastlines.
Nisora‚Äôs lush landscape and temperate climate made it ideal for colonization. The Terran Mandate used an application process to select settlers with key and complimentary skillsets in hopes of creating the perfect colony. The resulting group included people from dozens of Earth countries, creating one of the most diverse colonization groups to date. They arrived in 2272, during the First Wave of colonization, and by 2350, were entirely self-sufficient.   While the experiment seemed successful, the Mandate underestimated how strongly these settlers would hold to their earned independence. Nisorans refused to part with resources unless fairly traded for them, even against agreements made in the original colonization contract, and never paid the fees for breaking that contract. It was little surprise that, in 2408, Nisora was among the first planets to rebel against the Mandate.   With its loose interpretation of governance, people flocked to Nisora to partake in activities considered taboo or even illegal on other planets. The Psionic Authority built several schools despite the revelations of the death toll their advancements required. Experimentation of all sorts became common, and by 2500, Nisora had become a haven for trials with genegineering, psionics, true AI, psitech, recreational drugs, cybernetics, and other technology that was more heavily regulated elsewhere.


Content Warning: Devestation following natural disaster
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Like most places, The Scream left Nisora with broken infrastructure and vacant leadership. Psitech factories exploded under the surge, towns and cities built around Psionic Authority schools were wiped off the map, orbiting stations went cold. Survivors migrated to larger cities like Galendra, looking for safety and to flee the destruction of their homes and deaths of their friends.
  Confined to new spaces and coping with tragedy, groups clashed over city functioning. They splintered into different gangs and factions that took over territories to run the way they saw fit. Some left the cities to create their own settlements, which in turn battled over borders and resources. What leadership structures existed constantly changed hands and methods to appease a capricious people.   Yet just as many fought to rebuild. New supply lines were established, new factories built, new schools constructed. Cities on Nisora could never be a united entity under a single banner, but instead a hodge-podge of territories run by whichever group was able to secure it. If they failed to maintain the territory, those living in it were apt to fight back until matters improved or a new group took over.


Nisora, post-Scream travel poster
Nisora, post-Scream travel poster by Rin Garnett
A more accurate travel poster, made somewhat in jest by a native Nisoran after reading Protectorate travel advisories for the planet.
Rediscovered in 3132, Nisora became the eighth habited planet added to Talos Sector maps. With six prior alliances to learn from, Protectorate diplomats felt well-prepared for negotiations to get Nisora added to the Protectorate Alliance. However, much like the Terran Mandate centuries before, they were completely unprepared for Nisora.   Rather than the global leaders they expected, diplomats were faced with thousands of individuals who ran gangs, headed corporations, or otherwise had enough power to get a seat at the table. With few laws on the planet, everything from recreational drugs to questionable body mods was allowed. The lack of safety features alone left several visitors horrified into speechlessness.   The Alliance required Nisora elect a planetary leader and comply with galactic laws, neither of which appealed to its citizens. Further, they had no interest in anything the Protectorate offered, whether trade, technology, protection, or knowledge. After years of failures and stolen ships, the Protectorate relented. They created the Nisoran Neutrality Agreement, designating the planet as neutral ground exempt from Protectorate law unless it threatened galactic peace.   The pragmatic choice favored compromise to reduce the threat of war.


Vibrant Culture

Over the centuries since their arrival, the myriad cultures of the original settlers have melded, mixed, and separated again to form a variety of different cultural groups across the planet. Yet most have a few key features alike:
Everyone should always have a choice, and the choice they make should be respected.
Less charitably referred to as rebelliousness, Nisorans rarely accept being told what to do.
The planet's broad array of natural dyes has resulted in a preference for kalaedescopic visuals.
  Unfortunately, most groups also share a hatred of off-worlders, who are often seen as unwelcomed invaders. This is especially true in cities, where many refuse to adjust to Nisoran culture. Local businesses in turn have begun refusing business to those who don't have residency paperwork, which is notoriously hard to get for those without the right underworld connections.  

Migration Hub

Between evacuations of Astronius, refugees from Rada, and first-time travelers from Talmar on top of the usual, Nisora has become a hub for migrants and visitors alike. Those who move here typically do so for one of two key reasons:
Following the work
With little regulation and ample raw material, many corporations have moved manufacturing to Nisora, leading to open positions that draw refugees and migrants in with promise of an immediate paycheck. The influx of migrant workers has caused issues for local workers who find their bargaining power greatly reduced, despite attempts to unionize.
Escaping the law
Others come to take advantage of the neutrality agreement. Those hiding from a warrant will often find refuge, but those seeking to cause harm with inpunity will end up on the receiving end of Nisoran retribution. With no governing body to speak of, no one will stop a local from punching back. Especially against an off-worlder with no contacts to save them.

Religious Headquarters

The Mother of the Stars church officially moved its headquarters from Astronius to Nisora in 3224. The religion's focus on individual choice aligns with certain Nisoran sensibilities, and its preference for collective good may help balance the more selfish side of the local culture. However, others have concerns that there may be less benign reasons for the oft-suspicious organization to make its way to Nisora.
Icon for Nisora


2272Colonization of Nisora begins
2350Fully self-sufficient
2408Nisorans rebel against the Terran Mandate
2665The Scream destroys portions of Nisora
3134Nisora enters a neutrality agreement with the Protectorate
3228Portions of Galendra are destroyed by Perimeter forces


Included Organizations
Related Ethnicities
Characters in Location


Stone Pillars
Certain rocky coastlines feature pillars made of layers of different colored stone.
Glittering Sands
The sand of Nisora's largest desert has a highly reflective property, making the dunes sparkle in the sun.
Towering Cities
Those who favor the nightlife have no end of choices for bars, concerts, clubs, casinos, and more.
Travel Advisory
Visitors to Nisora should be aware that:
  • Food safety is not assured.
  • Theft of physical and digital goods is common.
  • The police are not there to help you.
  • Most people are armed and will shoot.
  • Paying respect to the gang in charge is expected.
It's recommended to research which groups own the tereritories you'll be traveling to and how to read gang tags to make sure you don't venture where you shouldn't.

Author Commentary

Things to Come
As of writing this, two days before the start of WorldEmber 2023, I have all of two Nisoran location articles published and this is half of them. We'll see how much that changes by January 1.

I am not an artist
Both posters use the same color palette.

Cover image: by Aaron Lee, Nick Ong, Norah Khor


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