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February 3229

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Few laws govern Nisora's surface, and its neutrality agreement exempts it from those that bind the rest of the sector's planets.

I'm in the process of writing articles for this planet.

Meta Information




  • Independence is worth fighting for
  • Factions vie for power
  • You can't remain neutral forever


  • White paint barely hides the vibrant gaffiti underneath
  • People with glowing prosthetics talk in a dingy alley
  • A VI draped in tinsel serves coffee in a local cafe


Cities cover much of Nisora's surface, blanketing the planet in colorful lights and loud music. Webs of train systems connect different cities and districts within each, carrying people and goods at speeds considered unsafe on other planets. The natural areas that remain are just as vibrant as the cities, with glittering deserts and rainbow seas.


Those born on Nisora have a fierce drive for independence and the freedom to make any choice they choose, even destructive ones. Those who immigrate often do so to evade the law, and not always with consideration of those they may hurt in doing so.

Plot Seeds

  • Nisora is recovering from planet-wide upheaval, resulting in various power vacuums where others may fill the space.
  • In light of recent tragedies and ongoing instability, many are flocking to the hope and support local churches provide. Yet not all is what it seems with these churches, and members aren't allowed to say why...
  • The most powerful gangs in Nisora's largest city have called a temporary truce. Are they really abiding by these rules? And how long will it last?

Current Goals

  • Having recently finished a two-year campaign that took place primarily on this planet, I have dozens of articles to write about the world and its inhabitants.
  • Top priority articles include: Galendra, its districts, its gangs, and the people who run those gangs.

Cover image: by Aaron Lee, Nick Ong, Norah Khor