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18 November 3228

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2023 Summer Camp

wow that's a lot of stars is a sci-fi setting about adventure, exploration, and discovery. Every person, place, and thing has a story to tell, if you listen closely.   Setting Intro | Visitor's Guide | Author's Intentions


Summercamp is a month of writing articles based on community prompts. I tend not to find inspiration in impersonal prompts, and prefer to write what's needed for the story rather than what's expected. However, I'm a sucker for a challenge, and love trying new things. With tons of material I haven't put to article yet, Summercamp seems a great way to make a dent in that to-do list. And maybe I'll get a badge or two along the way. Want to learn more? Check out the Summercamp 2023 Rules  

Goal 1

Use prompts as motivation to turn notes into articles.

Goal 2

Have fun participating the community event.

Goal 3

Become more comfortable sharing my work with others.


The main world I'll likely be adding articles to. I've been running campaigns in this setting since 2020 and have notes on paper, Obsidian Portal, Campfire, and mystery locations in my brain. Of the 12 planets, 6 have existing worldbuilding, but only 2 of those have made it to WA.

The world for the podcast I'm part of, which is mostly for the Strixhaven D&D module. Since it's a WotC setting, and I'm not the GM, there likely won't be too much worldbuilding I can do here. But there are a variety of homebrewed characters, locations, and organizations that may be relevant.

My (currently private) world for any writing projects I want to share. Most of my writing, whether short stories or novels, doesn't involve substantial worldbuilding. Each project will have its own category for related articles and prose. If a prompt doesn't fit either above world, it may fit another story.


Wild Cards

Camp Chill

  • Remember the prompts are suggestions, not requirements.
  • Write what you're passionate about, leave what you aren't.
  • Relax when you feel tired.
  • Fight off any pesky brain-squitos trying to make you doubt your work.
  • Don't abandon your non-summercamp goals! Write that article you're itching to write, even if it doesn't fit any prompts.

  • (Shared with permission from Annie Stein. Read her thoughts on 'Camp Chill' on her Camp Pledge.)




    I consider power in two ways: Social and Technical. Social power is power dynamics between people and groups, while technical is about sources of energy. My focus is always on the former, and I've dozens of examples of this in Talos. I prefer the hand-waving approach for the latter, so prompts of that nature will be a challenge.
    Social Power
    This planet has no laws and no true government. It's run instead by factions, each gaining and keeping power in various ways, run by different powerful people.
    • What factions exist?
    • Who runs them?
    • What do they want?
    Technical Power
    Talmar is two decades in to a massive reconstruction and uplifting project. The former-industrial planet is slowly joining the modern era.
    • How was Talmar powered before?
    • How is existing tech being retrofitted?


    I've been considering frontiers as "pushing boundaries" - the boundaries of a map, of a field of study, of a social class or dynamic, or even personal comfort zones. Any place with new ground to tred, whether for society or for an individual, is a frontier. Time will tell if the prompts agree with this interpretation.
    Scientific Frontier
    The Blue Spire Academy draws psionic students and professors from across the sector. If any organization can push the bounds of psionic teaching, it's BSA.
    • Who attends and works at BSA?
    • What new advances have they made?
    Physical Frontier
    Sagaria is a largely-unexplored continent on Devali. Aggressive plants and territorial creatures make the forests, jungles, and mountains deadly to even experienced adventurers.
    • What became of early explorers of the region?
    • Can anyone survive out here?


    I love this concept. A relic can be a historic artifact or ancient structure, or an old way of thinking, or a person from a dying order. There can be relics in curriculum that aren't relevant anymore, or relics in our language from dead cultures assimilated into ours. Endless possibilities! I hope I get to explore multiple angles on this concept.
    Cultural Relics
    These aliens went extinct thousands of years before humanity began traversing the stars. Their enigmatic ruins dot several Talos Sector planets.
    • What still remains of these creatures?
    • What caused them to disappear?
    Organizational Relics
    The Syndicate is a black market organization that went through an organizational overhaul twenty years ago. Their new specialty is ancient tech.
    • Where do they find the materials they sell?
    • What aspects of the old Syndicate still remain?


    This one is a struggle. I don't do conlang and writing about infrastructure is less exciting to me. I'm approaching this from the directions of secret language - known only to specific in-groups - and transparent language - meant to be readable to all. I'm a bit sad I've already written about Devali's Language of Flowers...
    Secret Communication
    No one knows where the Emerald Legion originates from, only that they mean harm to any not in their ranks.
    • How do they keep their language secret from outsiders?
    • How do they communicate with hidden groups?
    Transparent Communication
    Glowcore is the Nisoran tradition of being as visually loud as possible in celebration of Nisora's historic defiance.
    • What does glowcore communicate to the in-group? The out-group?
    • How are these messages conveyed visually?











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    Jun 4, 2023 07:58 by Mochi

    Good luck! Can't wait to see what you write :D

    I hope you have a great day!   Explore the endless planets brimming with life of the Yonderverse! Go after creatures, discover new places, and learn about the people you find along the way.
    Jun 4, 2023 14:41 by Rin Garnett

    Thank you! Looking forward to reading more from you, as well :)

    Jun 4, 2023 08:54 by Nimin N

    I saw SC & WE in a similar light: a good way of denting the ever so long to-do list. :) Good luck, and looking forward to reading your submissions!

    Jun 4, 2023 14:44 by Rin Garnett

    Thank you! Hopefully I won't spend too much time reading others' articles, and actually get around to writing my own...

    Jun 6, 2023 11:55 by Carolyn McBride

    Nice page, lots going on here. Good luck with Camp!

    Magic, Dragons & Drama! Uclandia   If the real world is more your thing, come visit Sitka Cove A small town on the brink of explosive change fueled by secrets!
    Jun 7, 2023 17:30 by TJ Trewin

    Enjoy a relaxing summer camp of worldbuildy-goodness! What type of prompts are you most looking forward to? :D

    Journals of Yesteryear

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    Jun 9, 2023 15:50 by Rin Garnett

    I love writing about characters, but I'm very much looking forward to challenging myself with prompts I wouldn't normally take, like about different species or geographic regions :)

    Jun 9, 2023 11:04 by Sailing Ocelot

    I love how organised your pledge article is :)   I think that Summer Camp is an excellent challenge for being brave and pressing the 'publish' button, and perhaps chatting a bit on the WA Discord for feedback exchange. I hope you manage to reach your goals and enjoy expanding your world over the July month!

    ~~~~~~~~ SailingOcelot
    Jun 9, 2023 15:56 by Rin Garnett

    Thank you! I took inspiration from several others for how to organize everything. The WA discord is a wonderful place, the hard part is always getting myself to stop chatting and start working :D

    Jun 19, 2023 21:59 by Kenneth Bignell

    Awesome takes on the themes so far! Goold luck and good world building!

    Jun 20, 2023 14:26

    This is a well organized plan. Good luck!

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    *Spelling mistakes, subject changes and other peculiar oddities curtesy of my ADD.
    Jun 20, 2023 15:14 by Rin Garnett

    Thank you! Hopefully being organized will help next month :)

    Jun 22, 2023 15:38 by Haly the Moonlight Bard

    We are in the same boat, or at least in the same storm! My world has been bubbling in my head for 5 years and I've barely put a dent in what I know vs. what's on WA. I have sooooo many stubs just waiting for me to pick one.   Meanwhile, I can't stop making badges, LOL!

    Jun 22, 2023 17:52 by Rin Garnett

    MOOD. Three-ish years of campaigns in this world and hardly any of it is written anywhere. And your badges are gorgeous, so I don't blame you for wanting to keep making more :P

    Jun 22, 2023 19:31 by Haly the Moonlight Bard

    Squee! You're so kind to notice, thank you! TBF: Canva makes it easier, lol! I'm planning on sponsoring a micro-challenge in October, with a prize package and everything, and I've already got the badge made up. It's soooo creepy-cute! And I've started an exclusive series for my Patreon patrons, too, that will be hidden in secrets and Patron-only articles.   So what template are you most looking forward to writing in for Summer Camp?

    Jun 25, 2023 14:44 by Rin Garnett

    Most of my to-do list is for characters, places, and organizations, so those would probably be easiest for me. But easy is no fun so I'm hoping for some intriguing prompts of templates I don't tend to use, like myths or species, just for the extra challenge :)

    Jun 25, 2023 03:50

    Good luck with the SC goals. One thing I brainstormed after stream with communication that may help some people twist the prompt more to their liking. Communication in ecology and nature is also a thing. How does an animal communicate with others of its species, or with other species in the biome it lives in?   One can always grab inspiration from other articles when the prompts come out, as we are full of creative-minded people. I too am not necessarily looking forward to communication as much as I am the other prompt groups, so we will find inspiration together.

    Feel free to stop by some of my WorldEmber articles if you want. My favorites are The Book of the Unquiet Dead, Outpost of the Moons, and The Emerald Hills. Feedback is always appreciated.
    Jun 25, 2023 15:08 by Rin Garnett

    Thank you for the encouragement! It's nice to know I'm not the only one struggling with that theme. You've just given me some thoughts on how plants might communicate with each other, so maybe I'll be able to write about that next month...   I've been getting lots of inspiration from others' pledges and homework already, I can't wait to read through everyone's SC articles and marvel at their creativity :) Happy camping, and may the prompts be forever in your favor