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February 3229

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February 3229

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Blue Spire Academy

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Founded during the Silence, the prestigious university claims to have done more to further psionics than any other modern institute. Yet recent scandals have made many question their trust in the academy.


The academy is divided into seven colleges: one for each psionic discipline and a final one for general psionic studies. A dean oversees each, working with faculty, staff, and students on issues and updates to curriculum. The deans report to the academy president, who in turn liaises with the academic board of Avlen, the city housing BSA's main campus.   The board's job is to ensure BSA complies with relevant laws and teaches in accordance with agreed-upon standards. Aside from matters of law, the board cannot decide what BSA is allowed to teach, or how they teach it.


BSA is a college of psionics, not a college for psions. All are welcome in our halls and classrooms.
— BSA recruitment
Degrees from BSA are divided into levels, a standard across Xeros that has been adopted in centers for higher learning across the sector. Completion of coursework for each level grants the relevant degree. Students choose a track to focus on, and each track offers degrees of increasing specificity the higher the level.   Most coursework explores psionics as a field of study, delving into history, science, sociology, and other aspects of its functioning. A smaller number of courses are dedicated to teaching psionic techniques, with some required for psionic members of the student body to ensure safe progression of their abilities.  

Level 0

This optional program is targeted toward teenagers who have interest in attending BSA in the future. The program lasts for 3 months and teaches basics not always taught in school. It also provides guidance on the BSA application process, and any who make it to the end get a certificate for their participation.

Level 1

Incoming BSA students start with level 1s. This program encourages students to demonstrate a strong aptitude for learning. It has the lowest retention rate at 68%, but of those who remain, 98% complete the program within 1 year.

Level 2

Level 2s progress students into intermediate techniques and understanding. This has a higher retention rate of 76%, but of those who complete the program, a lower 73% manage it within one year. The rest need a second year.

Level 3

Students who begin level 3s are determined to reach their goals, and the program has an impressive 91% retention rate. They come in knowing it will likely take longer to complete: only 37% complete level 3s in one year, and 89% in two.

Level 4

Those who wish to master their chosen field attend level 4s. This is a much lower population, and the program typically takes four or more years for someone to complete. Some remain in level 4s for decades, making a career in academia and research.

Did you know?

The "editing track" for telepathy was drafted but never added due to concerns about the ethics of teaching students to manipulate others' thoughts and memories.

  • BSA Areas of Focus
    • Biopsionics
      • Body Alteration Track
      • Medicinal Track
    • Metapsionics
      • Perception Track
      • Disruption Track
    • Precognition
      • Prediction Track
      • Determination Track
    • Telekinesis
      • Object Manipulation Track
      • Field Manipulation Track
    • Telepathy
      • Reading Track
    • Teleportation
      • Movement Track
      • Sensation Track
    • Non-Discipline
      • Psitech Track
      • Politics & Law Track
      • History Track




The first two years are the true test. Anyone who can make it past that will remain for decades.
— Tenured BSA Professor
Prior to 3228, academic watchdog groups kept a close eye on BSA for its high dropout rates of students, high turnover for staff, and concerns that BSA's teaching methods encouraged students to torch and take other risks simply to stay on top of their schoolwork.   However, in November of 3228, it was revealed that then-BSA president Norah Everdin had been performing illegal medical trials on students and staff. Though the intent was to cure the effects of torching, the trials were performed without consent, and left dozens of students and faculty dead, disabled, or worse.   In light of this information, Ms. Everdin was removed from the position and the Avlen academic board has assumed control of the academy until a replacement can be found.

Lux in tenebris (light in the dark)


Founding Date
Educational, School/Academy
Alternative Names
Controlled Territories


Verifiable claims

  • Created psionics curriculum now used across the sector
  • Largest student body of any psionics school
  • More published scientific studies can be attributed to BSA staff than any other school

Unverifiable claims

  • Produces the most 'master' psions -- There's no standard for what 'master' means in this context, and thus this claim means little.
  • Revived the most techniques thought lost to The Scream -- BSA claims ownership of techniques developed outside their walls and then brought in to teach others.


Planet of Origin

Xeros natives have always been the most populous demographic, with Mithorous being a distant second. Refugee programs have greatly inflated the number of students from Astronius and Rada.

Psionic Ability

93% of the student body has some level of psionic ability, a near-exact flip of the general populace (in which an estimated 95% are non-psionic). The discipline spread of the psionic student body is largely as expected, though metapsions are over-represented in comparison.

Author Commentary

Leveling Up
In the game, skills are ranked from level 0 to level 4. Naming the degrees after this, instead of bachelor's and master's, gives in-world context for what it means to have "level 2" ability in a skill and lets me/players describe their abilities in-character using the terms on their character sheet without it being weird.
Future Plans
I hope to run a cozy "magic" school campaign at BSA some day.

Cover image: by Aaron Lee, Nick Ong, Norah Khor
Character flag image: Blue Spire Academy Crest by Rin Garnett


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This article gave me memories of reading all the brochures for universities when I was in college. Now the experimenting president has gone, I think I'd like to attend and make a career out of it. :D

Feb 16, 2024 13:52 by Rin Garnett

BSA is grateful for your support and understanding that Ms. Everdin's actions do not represent the ideals of the academy, it's staff, or its students :D

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