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February 3229

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February 3229

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Syndicate Poacher

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Immoral treatment of animals
The Syndicate is an infamous black market group previously run by Artie Raystein, now run by his daughter, Annabel. Artie's Syndicate thrived off selling various animal parts, but Annabel decided to pivot toward advanced technology. Poachers who couldn't or didn't want to transition to a different role within the organization cut ties with the Syndicate.


Prior to its restructure, the Syndicate's main black market trade was in animal parts. Pelts and furs, hoofs and horns, antlers and taxidermies, even meat, organs, and questionable medications. Whatever could sell, or be made salable through marketing, they would create and unleash on the sector. Poachers were a necessary step in the process.  
Poachers sought and hunted the desirable creatures to return to the Syndicate for processing and sale. They had to hunt carefully to avoid local authorities enforcing wildlife protections, as well as to not damage the "product" unnecessarily. The cleaner the kill, the more pieces of the animal could be used and sold for profit.
While poachers can work alone, working for the Syndicate offered more protection should a hunt go awry, and saved them from having to find buyers themselves.


After the unexpected arrest of Artie Raystein in 3208, his daughter Annabel took over the black market group. The group disappeared for several years as it underwent significant restructuring. When Syndicate goods returned to black market, they weren't animal products, but pieces of technology. Pretech, Legion tech, even alien tech.  
It's believed the shift toward tech is a direct result of Annabel having been a victim of Emerald Legion Ghosttalkers. In removing the mystery around their technology, she gains power over the Legion that tried to subdue her.
For many Syndicate poachers, it was a simple enough matter to pivot to the new direction. Their skills in hunting, survival, and evading authorities could be adapted to delving into ancient ruins. However, not all were interested in the challenge. They refused the change, whether out of disinterest or disagreement with the new direction. They likely continue poaching, either on their own or with a different group.

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Author's Notes

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