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February 3229

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February 3229

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Nisora United

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Nisora United is a workers' rights union headquartered in Galendra on Nisora. Their focus is improving factory working conditions for Nisoran residents, leaving offworld and migrant workers to fend for themselves. They had gained significant ground prior to allegations that their spokesman, Kristos Rajim, murdered his niece. Though this has been disproven, the Union continues to be in disarray.


Workers’ rights unions have long been ineffective on Nisora. Predictably, a populace known for being anti-authority hasn’t had interest in promoting safety regulations. For many residents, it's been simpler to quit the offending job and find a new one, rather than force businesses to comply with higher standards than required.   However, many migrants, refugees, and other off-worlders are willing to accept abysmal working conditions in exchange for quick pay and no questions asked. With this large work force lowering acceptable standards, resident workers are finding their bargaining power greatly diminished.   This is the environment Nisora United has risen in. The group focuses on recruiting factory workers who have long suffered with massive and aging machinery known for severing limbs and crushing bodies. Their posters get plastered everywhere and their public town halls can be heard a block away.  


While the union has unprecedented support among residents, it still has many detractors as it faces an uphill battle. The corporations on the other side of the bargaining table - Apex and Integrell in particular - find ways to disrupt their meetings and trick them into bad publicity. There are two angles in particular that have severely weakened the Union's standing.


The number one issue many people have with the Union is that it's only concerned with the rights of resident Nisoran workers. For some, this is a concern of equality, for others it's out fear that corporations will stop hiring residents entirely to avoid dealing with the union.   Kristos Rajim, Union spokesman and lifelong machinist, explains the exclusion of migrant workers as necessary to get the group off the ground. While migrant workers can fill entry-level positions, only residents have worked with these machines, in these factories, for long enough to become foremen and line managers. He’s also argued that the union’s demands, such as safer working conditions, will benefit all regardless of residency status.  

Murder Allegations

Far more disastrous has been recent murder allegations against Rajim. His own sister flew in from Livonia to accuse him of murdering her daughter - his niece. She was left in his care after leaving Livonia two years ago, and per the allegation, went missing sometime last year.   Rajim was chosen as spokesman not for his charisma, but for his stable character and stoic reputation. The murder allegations shattered Union members' belief in him, and along with rising chaos and violence in the city, broke much of their resolve. Even when his niece herself appeared to prove allegations wrong, the damage had already been done.  

Current Status

This is a developing situation, as half of Galendra is currently in flames and death tolls are increasing by the hour. The fate of the city, the planet, and the Union rests on the Gal Pals.  

Gal Pals logo by Rin Garnett

Help each other to help ourselves


Founding Date
Political, Activist
Controlled Territories
Related Plots


Improved Safety
  • Immediate removal of equipment involved in a death or dismemberment
  • All safety and repair concerns addressed within a week
  • Twice-yearly quality reviews of all factory equipment
Time Off
  • One day off every 10 consecutive days of work
  • Limit standard working days to 10 hours
  • 30 minute breaks every 5 hours of work
Fair Pay
  • Annual pay increase based on inflation and merit
  • Time-and-a-half for all overtime hours
  • 5 paid sick days per year plus compensation for work-related injury

Cover image: by Aaron Lee, Nick Ong, Norah Khor
Character flag image: Nisora United crest


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