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February 3229

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February 3229

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Industrial District

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You can smell the Industrial District before you enter it. Factories run for long hours with little concern for how the smog they produce affects the apartments and shops stuffed between them. Parks and cafes fill with workers on break, many of whom have prosthetics replacing arms, legs, eyes, and more. Flyers for town halls and union meetings dot bulleting boards and collect in trash bins.

What's Here

Nisora's abundant materials and lack of regulation make it a prime location for manufacturing. The Industrial District houses most of these factories, spanning the entire lifecycle from raw material, to finished product, and back to recycling. Materials from mines are carted in through underground tracks, while products leave by truck or river. With the city-wide destruction wrought by recent conflicts, there's been less activity in the factories as workers focus instead on repairing damage to buildings, roads, and infrastructure  

Who's Here

Few who live here aren't connected to the factories in some way, whether they work in a factory or are related to someone who does. With the long hours most are forced to work, living nearby is a necessity, and worth the decrease in air quality. Most workers are Nisoran natives, but the percentage of migrant worker has been steadily increasing as more fill positions in manufacturing or shipping.   These jobs can be a route to residency for migrant workers, provided they assimilate with the local culture. Some migrant workers took the job only to earn enough money to leave, an attitude the results in schisms between them and resident workers. Resident-hopefuls often get stuck in the middle, fitting in with neither crowd.   Several unions have attempted to organize all factory workers to bargain for better conditions, many starting within the numerous support groups form for those who've lost limbs and loved ones to factory work. Though none of have had much success so far, there's possibility for that to change as conditions worsen.
Wouldn't it be cool if there was a union recruitment poster here?


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Dec 4, 2023 13:01 by Annie Stein

It would be so cool if there was a lil union recruitment poster there.

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