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18 November 3228

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The Adventures of Captain Hawk

The Adventures of Captain Hawk is a web-hosted comic series that glorifies the exploits of a real-life space pirate captain and his crew. Nobody knows who the comic's creator is, leading many to theorize it's Captain Hawk himself.

Real-World Counterparts

Despite being a work of fiction, the comic series mirrors reality to a remarkable degree. Not only is Captain Hawk a real person, along with his crew, ship, and parrot, but many of the adventures described are based on real exploits of the pirates. The main differences are those that make it an adventure comic rather than a historical chronicle - Captain Hawk is more heroic, his enemies more villainous, and the situations less morally-ambiguous. These and other changes make the comic out to be far more kid-friendly.
Among the most jarring changes is to the captain's second in command, Brady. She rarely speaks in the comic, but the real Brady is renown for her colorful language and detailed threats of creative violence.

Mysterious Origins

The first comic entry was posted in 3197, on the same website that hosts it today. It earned attention gradually, with spikes in interest based on real-world events, and soon became wildly popular despite its rough art, elementary plots, and archetypal characters. Every page is attributed to a C. Hawkinson, yet there's no public information on such a person, and there have been no responses to any attempt at contacting them or inviting them to events.
Many initially believed C. Hawkinson was a child, their art being posted by and for family. Anyone hoping to expose the mystery author often met counter-measures from others seeking to protect the assumed-child's privacy. However, there have been no changes or improvements to the comic's art or substance over the decades, dismissing this idea that a child is behind it. The most popular theory today is that Captain Hawk himself is the real C. Hawkinson.   Captain Hawk has little to say about the comic, aside from expressing his appreciation.
Telepaths either haven't been able to ascertain the truth, or haven't shared the knowledge with anyone else. Outside of Captain Hawk, the only beings who might know if the Captain is involved are is first mate Brady, who would sooner █████ than answer a question, and his parrot, Captain Squawk, who demands payment and only provides jokes in exchange.

Most Popular Plots

Released in 3204

While having his ship repaired, Captain Hawk travels around Mithorous and has small encounters such as rescuing orphans from a burning building.

Released in 3208

To rescue "innocent prisoners", the captain launches his ship at a prison on Astronius. He then goes on to help win the Battle for Talmar.

Released in 3211

After landing on Rada, the captain finds a spy among the crew and works with local resistance to free a captive Phoenix from the Emerald Legion.

Released in 3218

The captain faces his sometimes-rival, John Louis, in a contest of skill of bravery. After winning, he offers some of the prize money to John Louis.


Comic Start Date
26 March 3197
Current Status
C. Hawkinson
6,328 (and counting)

Recurring Characters

  • Captain Hawk
  • Captain Squawk
  • First Mate Brady
  • John Louis and his sidekick Sid
  • Provisioner Gavrel and other members of crew, such as Juliet, Ishel, Cregg, Rami, Alim, and Vienna
  • So Much to Write
    John Louis, Sid, Juliet, and Rami were player characters in a mini-campaign. The rest of the recurring characters are NPCs. They'll all have articles...eventually
    Hidden Explosion
    I've been told there's an explosion underlining the hawk screech in the audio clip to give it more oomph.


    Author's Notes

    In-universe, the art featured here would be by C. Hawkinson, but in the real world it was done by Annie Stein. Check out her world Solaris and her Ko-Fi page to commission your own MS Paint illustration! The sound clip is from my fiance, who's also behind Talos' theme song.   This article was created to celebrate hitting 50 followers. Thank you so much for being here and I hope you enjoy!

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