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18 November 3228

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Battle for Talmar

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In 3208, the Emerald Legion enacted their invasion plans for the sector. It required gaining control of Talmar and its pre-human planetary defense cannon. The battle on this planet determined the fate of every planet in the sector, and defending forces were heavily outgunned by the invaders.


The Emerald Legion had spent decades researching Talmar and intervening in subtle ways to weaken the planet to their tactics. They planted Legionnaires in various positions on the planet, from everyday workers keeping tabs on the populace to political assistants nudging officials in desired directions. Other times they abducted native Talmarians to implant a chip in their brains that could be used to manipulate that person's behavior. These innocents became unwilling sleeper agents for the Legion.   The Legion's goal was keep the planet isolated and out of the Protectorate Alliance. In doing so, the planet remained TL2, with primitive weaponry and without allies to call upon. Ryker Derrix's rise to power in the Unchained Armada disrupted this, as he armed his mercenaries with TL4 gear acquired off-planet. The Legion countered this by feeding tensions with the local Yellow Jackets militia. In pointing the two groups at each other, neither could prepare for what was to come.   In addition to Talmar being an easy target, it was also home to a pre-human alien planetary defense cannon. The Legion's goal was a swift takeover and immediate control of this cannon - housed in a location locals called The Hive - to fully entrench themselves on the planet. The alien data disk they acquired from Geotera was all they needed to use it for their own purposes.


Emerald Legion
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Night Knights
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The Legion suffered a resounding defeat, but defending forces took heavy losses.

Start of Battle

Battle began as three Emerald Legion battleships arrived in Talmar space. The Armada was a small force, and their frigates stood little chance against such firepower. The Legion began landing dropships of forces and mechs at New Argos, locking the city down and forcing civilians to remain indoors under threat of death. Another team went to the Hive to secure it from the occupying Yellow Jackets.   The Legion did not prepare for a third group to intervene, however. The trio calling themselves the Night Knights.  

End of Battle

The Knights overpowered the small Legion team at the Hive, and having reclaimed the alien disk for themselves, used the last ammunition to destroy all three Legion battleships in orbit in a fusillade. To destroy the mechs holding New Argos hostage, the Night Knights turned the city's radio tower into a massive EMP. It fried the electrical systems, in some cases killing the pilot and in others, making them much easier targets for the remaining Yellow Jackets.   The radio tower collapsed under the force of the blast, further destroying parts of the city. Thankfully, there was enough prior warning that the Yellow Jackets were able to evacuate affected areas, resulting in no casualties to civilians.

Battle Sites

Combat occurred across three key locations:
Unchained Armada insignia by Rin Garnett
In Orbit
The Unchained Armada, bolstered by allies such as Alice and Tavari Zima, drew fire from the battleships and destroyed dropships before they could land on planet, though suffered heavy casualties in the process.
Yellow Jackets emblem by Rin Garnett
New Argos
The Yellow Jackets protected citizens from the invading force, despite being heavily outgunned. They secured shelter beneath city hall and used guerilla tactics across the city to distract the mechs.
Night Knights logo by Rin Garnett
The Hive
The Night Knights rushed to stop the Legion from taking control of the Hive. If the Legion found means to use the cannon, the planet would be lost.


  • Dozens of non-combatant Legionnaires landed on Talmar in escape pods. Many claim to have no knowledge of the worst of the Legion's actions. These could be lies, or their memories have been manipulated through telepathy.
  • New Argos is partially destroyed between damage caused by Legion mechs and the collapsed radio tower. Many are left without homes or employment due to destroyed buildings.
  • The Unchained Armada suffered heavy casualties and is drastically reduced in size and efficacy. However, more Talmarians view the group positively after seeing their sacrifice.
  • The Yellow Jackets similarly suffered casualties and faces an internal schism as some militia cells had unknowingly aided the Legion at the expense of others.
  • Though civilian casualties remained low, many still lost their lives or suffered other forms of harm both physical and mental. Division between those who favor alliance with the Protectorate and those who would rather isolate grows.
  • Though pockets of Legionnaires remain across the sector, their invasion failed and the Legion Incursion ends. Other planets have been made aware of Legion tactics and begin routing out infiltrators.

Cover image: by Aaron Lee, Nick Ong, Norah Khor


Author's Notes

This article was written as part of Summer Camp 2023. Follow the link to learn more.

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Aug 8, 2023 10:40

I don't usually build Sci Fi worlds but this is really cool. I love the lead up to the actual battle and then the consequences after as well. I struggled with this prompt in the Summer Camp challenge so well done :)

Aug 8, 2023 12:29 by Rin Garnett

Thank you! I also struggled, so it's really encouraging to hear that you liked it :)

Aug 13, 2023 22:44 by Alexander

Another Struggler here aswell! You did a really great job and I think that this conflict made an overall intersting article! Though I do have two questions: You mentioned the use of sleeper agents on the Emerald Legions' side and that both the Yellow Jackets and the Unchained Armada weren't prepared at all, when the attacks commenced. But wouldn't these two groups have noticed when residents have been abducted? Maybe a interesting sub-plot or story could be written about people noticing but others not believing them?   My second question is about the relationship between those two parties; do the Unchained Armada aswell as the Yellow Jackets cooperate after the conflict, or do they still have a bad relationship with each other as a result of the Emerald Empires inteferences?

Aug 14, 2023 01:58 by Rin Garnett

These are such good questions! High level answers:   The Legion took several steps to not be detected. They spaced their work out over years, selected victims who could reasonably go no-contact for a few days, and manipulated victims' memories so they remembered going camping or being ill rather than being abducted. The implants made sure they didn't think too hard about it.   Some people still noticed oddities, but tended toward simpler explanations. Even if they suspected something, they had no means to prove it - the planet didn't have medical technology for brain scans. I add a few of these details here, but need to go more in-depth after the 26th to fully answer that question. I might just do so in prose because that's a wonderful suggestion :D   As for the Armada and Jackets, their bad blood predates the Legion and will take a long time to repair. It's currently 20 years after this battle, and while the two aren't killing each other anymore, there's still lingering animosity and distrust. I'll address that more in their upcoming organization articles.   Questions like these are so helpful for pointing out details I missed when writing. Thank you very much for asking!