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18 November 3228

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  In 2652, Geotera was a garden world supporting basic organisms despite the frequent volcanic activity. The exploration company Galaxy's End began settlement of the planet hoping to study its geography and proto-life. This proved ill-fated, as in 2660, a cataclysmic eruption forced an emergency evacuation. About half the explorers were able to evacuate to safety, leaving nearly 3,000 assumed dead. Rescue missions in the immediate wake of the eruption found no survivors among the melted and collapsed buildings.   Much life on the planet died during the subsequent planet-wide volcanic winter. The acidifying of all surface water helped kill what was left. By the time of the Scream just a few years later, there was little resembling the garden planet Geotera once was.  


  As the Silence came to an end, some began to explore Geotera anew, and found it no more welcoming. Intense ionic activity can fry ships and cause rocks and boulders to seemingly float. The oceans remain acidic and corrosive, capable of melting through most vacsuits. Magma still flows through many channels, refreshed with every new eruption. Many have attempted to land on the planet, hoping to find pretech left behind by ancient explorers. Most only joined the dead.   However, in 3208, there were two successful expeditions to the planet's surface. One was a group containing members of the Night Knights and Unchained Armada. Their reports speak of the friends they lost to the nightmarish landscape, and of only minimal pretech remaining to be salvaged. They journeyed to the planet in pursuit of The Emerald Legion, whose goal was later revealed to be pre-human tech. Through unknown means, they were able to track a specific data disk to Geotera, which they'd planned to use to take control of the planetary defense cannon on Talmar.
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Badlands world
Freak geology
Inert gas, useless for respiration
Tech level
0, with TL4 and TL5 remnants
Inhabiting Species

Cover image: by Aaron Lee, Nick Ong, Norah Khor


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