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18 November 3228

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New Argos

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New Argos is the largest city on Talmar and serves as the planet’s capital. The radio tower provides communication across most of the planet, and its connected community center is a hub of traffic in the city.  


Prior to being officially uplifted in 3209, Talmar was considered a TL2, industrial-era planet. New Argos was the only city on its surface and used a mix of hydroelectric and gas power to run its factories. The towns and villages along the river farmed the food and livestock the city survived on, and in turn the city crafted textiles, lumber, and other materials.   The elected governor of this city, Louis Welles, was considered the main planetary official, and thus the one who had the final say with the Protectorate on whether the planet should be uplifted or left to its own devices. Governor Welles refused uplifting for the planet, and the Protectorate did what it could to keep the planet off maps and suppress any rutters to it.  

The Legion Incursion

In 3208, the Emerald Legion enacted its plan to overtake the cluster. A pivotal battle in this shadow war was the Battle for Talmar. Legion mechs were airdropped to the streets of New Argos to control the populace and discourage them from fighting back against the overwhelming force. Those who couldn't shelter in their homes took refuge in City Hall's basement.
  To defeat the intruders, the trio known as the Night Knights recalibrated the radio tower at the center of the city. It became a power EMP that fried mechs and other technology within a several-mile radius. The force of the burst caused the tower to collapse, adding to the destruction of the city.  


The Battle for Talmar left much of the city damaged or destroyed. Hundreds were without safe places to life or work and Emerald Legion defectors were scattered across the planet. Governor Welles continued to refuse uplifting, which prevented the Protectorate from offering official assistance. Welles, like thousands others across Talmar, saw the Battle as a result of off-world influences coming in from the Unchained Armada.  
However, this distrustful group proved to be the minority. Later in 3208, Jui Dawson defeated Louis Welles in the election. She became New Argos' new governor, and Talmar's planetary leader, in January 3209. Her first act was formally accepting uplifting, allowing the Protectorate to fly in resources, supplies, materials, machinery, and personnel to help rebuild New Argos. Skilled refugees from Astronius and Rada were accepted as part of reconstruction programs.
  Today, little evidence of the battle remains outside of memorials to the event. The radio tower has been rebuilt as a symbol of the planet's role in saving the cluster. It broadcasts news, radio shows, interviews, and music across the planet, with programs aimed at promoting Talmarian resiliency and helping integrate both Talmar with the galactic cluster and refugees with the rugged planet.


2860New Argos founded
3208Battle for Talmar partially destroys the city
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