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18 November 3228

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The Hive

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Within a mountain east of New Argos is the remains of a pre-human alien city. The aliens were the Urahl, and this specific location was a niris military base.
Yellow Jackets emblem by Rin Garnett
A scout from the Yellow Jackets originally found the location and the group quickly found ways to use it as a secret base, so secret that only a small portion of the Jackets themselves knew of its existence. They began excavating caved-in passageways and used the weapons they found within to upgrade their own outdated arms. They eventually uncovered the planetary defense cannon at its core and set to determining how it worked. At the time, they'd hoped to use it to fight back against the Unchained Armada.
  Ultimately, the single missile available for the cannon was used to destroy the Emerald Legion capital ships in orbit around the planet during the Battle for Talmar. The Perimeter Agency in particular is wary of this weapon, considering its destructive capability is far beyond anything humans have created, but the Protectorate has ordered it be preserved and not destroyed. With no replacement ammunition, they've deemed the cannon effectively harmless.
  The Yellow Jackets remain in control of the location and use it as a base of operations to continue scouting for other functional ruins throughout the mountains. Local researchers have also taken up residence here to continue studying urahl technology, particularly the self-repair methods, in hopes of adapting it to more human specifications.
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