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February 3229

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February 3229

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New Argos Radio Tower

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After being destroyed in the Battle for Talmar, the New Argos Radio Tower was rebuilt as is now a key feature of Talmar's only city. In addition to its entertainment programming, it's become a vital method of communication between Talmarian settlements and frontier regions, especially during the uplifting process.


The radio tower was originally built in 3142, with a single station for evening news and announcements. By 3156, programming expanded to provide music during working hours in hopes it would improve morale and productivity in factory workers. It soon became the preferred means of rapid communication to all New Argos residents, and advertising slots became a commodity for local businesses.   However, the tower itself had little transmission power. Though it could reach all corners of the city, the smaller villages nearby struggled to get reception. And that was if they bothered at all to purchase a radio receiver - the expense was unjustifiable by many, who saw little need in keeping up-to-date with what happened in the city. It was just another way the city and villages stood divided.  
In 3208, when the Emerald Legion laid siege to the planet in the Legion Incursion, the tower served a new purpose. The Night Knights used it to empower a modified EMP-like device that fried the Legion mechs patrolling the streets. Though it saved the city, the tower collapsed under the force of the blast, taking with it several surrounding buildings.
As a TL2 planet, Talmar had little electronic equipment in 3208, allowing the EMP to primarily target Legion units and not civilian technology.
  Following the incursion, the newly-elected planetary leader Jui Dawson accepted the offer to join the Protectorate Alliance. Uplifting the planet to TL4 began in 3209, and she ensured rebuilding the radio tower was part of this. Infrastructure for more modern means of communication would take decades to build and implement, while a radio tower could be completed in much less time and facilitate the rest of the process.  

Present Day

Completed in 3211, the new radio tower provides a reliable source of news, updates, and entertainment across the planet. It's a key feature of the community center it's built out of, and much of its programming focuses on community. The music stations promote traditional music combined with off-world influences, and news hours make sure to split time between the city and its small neighboring towns. During emergencies, all stations air instructions and help coordinate rescue efforts.  
Despite its intentions, the radio isn't without its issues. Xenophobia still makes it onto the airwaves at times, and methods of moderation are still unclear despite petitions.
  During uplifting, the radio has proved an invaluable means of conveying updates across disparate regions. Compads are yet unreliable on the planet, especially over long distances. The radio is able to send updates to farther frontiers, including the mountains where groups remain studying the alien structure known as the Hive.   More than that, the tower serves as a symbol of Talmar. Of how they withstood an overpowering force, and stopped the Legion from taking over. Even once the planet's technology outpaces it, the tower will stay.


3142First opened for service
3208Ruined in the Battle for Talmar
3211Rebuilt and reopened


Tower, Telecomms
Parent Location


Battle for Talmar
Military Conflict | Jun 8, 2024

Three Emerald Legion battleships laid siege to Talmar, and were destroyed.

Cover image: by Aaron Lee, Nick Ong, Norah Khor


Author's Notes

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