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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2023

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a conflict between two unequal powers in your world
A total of 336 entries

The Dark Tide of the Night-Creatures

Nei̯ Gorzacay vs Ledai̯ Veethei̯yor

Irish War of Independence: 1916 ed. / The Summer War

The Solemn Vow of Captain Bob Finch

The Eternal Siege of Gideon's Keep

La Tragédie de Solan Brislame

Durpari Army vs Raurindi Dervishes

Fall of the Flying Eagle Banner

Montagu's rebellion against The Enokkian Empire

Capture of Earth's Space Station

S!auren-Drakekin Dominance War

Establishment of the Asargam Bridgehead in Arakat

War Between the Masters and the Wise

Sir Fluff and Rowan's Heist of Rosaria's Blade

Die Eroberung von Mobile

The Crusade Against Shadows

CASE 015: Civinkan Vessel||Mhiri Cultists

The Gutting of Hansun's High Council

The Pact of te Ogre - Edited

Le fracas de la marche des non-morts

Dydan Corporation miners' strike

The War of Little Statues

Second Battle of the Plains of Mestol

The Rapid City Nightmare

Destruction of the Demarn Army Encampment

Feogh Invasion of the Southern Lands

The Annexation of Yerend

The Final Arracanese Invasion of Lazica

Campaigns of the Winter's Heart

Liberation of the Calduran grasslands

Skirmishes of Amusement park pass

The Founders Sect vs the Ascendant Group Party

Prompt 6: The Great Purge of Opal District

The Tatters Goblin Insurrection

Ashfang's Assault on Chthonia

The Frozen Orc of the Northern Wilds

Battle of the Sapphire Spears

The Illadrian / Kromas Stellar Impasse

The Duel of the West Wind and the Traitor Gondolier

Garrond's Conquest of The Eastern Highlands

SC.2023.06. Battle of Minao Island

Mediterranean Expansion Campaign

Xana vs. Vernador X and His Army

Wolfsbane's Drowing under a Tide of Green

House Avo Gene Sequence Acquisition 13

Great Slave Rebellion of Stonelords' Throne

Breakwater ang Gorgon Onslaught

Freedom War- Victory Dancers and Mexin Knights

The Assassination of Linda Ericsson

What Happened to the Army of Endless Blight?

Welk Weraso: The Subjugation of Welkwu