The Ka’yar Civil War

The Path to Civil War

Decades ago, the Ka'ya Colonial Governance was the largest Territorial Governance in the Delta Space, having taken over large pieces of space and creating colonies dotted across the southern expanse of the map. Only to be rivalled by the Imperial Council of Planet's territory in the north. The Ka'yar are passionate people who once they set their minds to something attend to it with an unrivalled zeal. And for several hundred years, their focus lay on expansion and colonialism, and were led in these passions by their divine king.   However, after years of expansion, it became apparent that their rampant attempts at further colonization were beginning to show signs of decay. With resources beginning to stretch thin, changes would have to be made to support the acquired planets and people. One side believed that further colonies were required, ones that could produce and supply the required resources and further that they would have to continue to trust in the words of their king. Who they saw as indefatigable, noble, and divine. The other side believed that their monarchy had failed them, and that a new modern political system was required, one that listened to the people and took their thoughts and opinions into consideration. This side also believed that any formerly colonized nation or region should be given the opportunity to leave or to join in collective rule with them.   Each side passionately disagreed with the other, and would eventually form their own factions to fight against one another and prove their point. Now, several decades later, what would become known as simple The Ka'yar Civil War continues to rage on. With the traditionalist group of monarchists, the Ka'yar Colonial Governance, and the modern freedom fighters, the Representative Democracy of Liberation fighting tooth and nail against one another to prove their point of view right. A sibling squabble that has caused decades of war and violence to rip across a huge stretch of the southern reaches of the Delta Space.  
The Ka'yar Civil War officially started forty years ago in the Founder's Era Galactic Calendar Year of 3633; Variance Time - Year 2844.

Modern Day Complications

At this stage, the war has been ongoing for several decades, with the borders between the splintered states changing and shifting back and forth numerous times. Unfortunately causing the regions within these contested borders to become unending war zones fraught with danger and in unending need of humanitarian aid that is difficult to attain due to the fighting.    Over the past decade, the Representative Democracy of Liberation was doing well in its battle against its traditionalist sibling, keeping its border stable and giving pause and thought to the soldiers and citizens of the other side. However, the Ka'yar Colonial Governance has recently created strong political ties with the Imperial Council of Planets in exchange for a more favourable trade and travel agreement. The Ka'yar Colonial Governance is in possession of the Delta Space's largest stockpile of Ignition Crystals, a resource highly valued and sought after by the Imperials. And with this new agreement, they can more easily attain this valuable asset.   In return, the Imperial Council of Planets has agreed to aid them in their fight against the Representative Democracy of Liberation. The Imperials have sent numerous warships to push on the Representative Democracy of Liberation's northern border, in the hope that forcing them to split their forces will weaken their defences enough to break their battle spirit. Due to this the Ka'yar Colonial Governance has gained new ground and has put the Representative Democracy of Liberation in a dire situation, squeezed between two large forces backed up against a corner of the Delta Space that has no aid to give them. 

The Ka’yar Colonial Governance

They are traditionalists who wish to focus on the past and continue to govern and rule as they always have as an expansionist-focused colonial monarchy. The Ka'yar Colonial Governance also continues to use slavery and the won-rights mentality of war, rampantly using the resources and people of won territory as if they are renewable resources without end or feeling. They believe in the divine right of rule by their king, and do not wish to allow the voices of their native or colonized citizens to speak or to be heard let alone have a hand in rule.   The Ka'yar Colonial Governance is known to conscript all of their citizens, stating that it is a right to serve their king in the governance time of need against the insurgent fools they belive their sibling rivals to be. Throwing numerous lives to battle in the hopes that pure numbers will win them the day.
The currently held territory of the Ka'yar Colonial Governance, highlighted in yellow

The Representative Democracy of Liberation

They are modern thinkers that believe in democracy and the rights of people and discussion-led politics. They do not believe in the power of their former monarchy, nor do they believe in any sort of divine right to rule. Instead, they believe that their politics should focus on uplifting their people and forgoing colonialism and rampant expansion for a commitment towards what they have and the safety and comfort of their people.    Though they are not without fault and have encouraged tactics in the war that use their own citizens as a source of gorilla warfare soldiers. Having these volunteer soldiers enact acts of sabotage and terrorism aboard stations and ships occupied by the Ka'yar Colonial Governance near their borders.
The currently held territory of the Representative Democracy of Liberation, highlighted in yellow

An ongoing civil war between the Ka'yar Colonial Governance and its splinter sibling state, the Representative Democracy of Liberation. These two currently separate Territorial Governances used to be one nation, under the former's name and political structure. The split came from a growing difference between traditionalists and modernists. The Ka'yar Colonial Goverance wished to stay a colonial monarchy and the group that would eventually become the Representative Democracy of Liberation sought a more modern and democratic way.    Eventually, the two groups could no longer reconcile their differences and the factions splintered and began to fight for territory and full control. Eventually, the two groups would take roughly similar-sized territorial areas. The Representative Democracy of Liberation has more territory currently, but the Ka'yar Colonial Governance has more firepower and a recently struck deal with the Imperial Council of Planets which could spell doom for the infant Representative Democracy of Liberation.
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The Ka’yar
The same species occupy both sides of this war, as they used to be one unified nation. The Ka'yar are passionate people, and often through themselves full-hearted into whatever endeavour has impassioned them. As such, you often find Ka'yar that are masters of their craft in whatever profession they have chosen. They are also rather hot-headed and often come to argue with each other if their opinions differ. The ongoing conflict is the most extreme example of this.   The Ka'yar in appearance are amongst the most beautiful in the Delta Space, they have green skin, glowing eyes, and often have long flowing hair that seems to dissipate energy as it flows. Ka'yar are often a bit taller than the average species in their region, most being around six feet tall, but they are a lithe species and despite being so tall are often 150 lbs or less with quite skinny frames. They are dextrous and quick but lack raw strength.


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