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The Delta Space

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The Delta Space is a 'triangle' of mapped-out space in the known galaxy that is inhabited by a numerous swath of beings including the ageing but still woefully naive humanoid races of the Founders, that left, and subsequently lost their home planet many years ago. And instead went on to map much of the Delta Space. The Delta Space is a dangerous, wild, and weird place to live and travel within. Littered with eager bounty hunters and pirates, corrupt MegaCorpos, and warring governances. As well as the wandering adventurers that call themselves Space Cowboys.   Strange things often occur within the bounds of Delta Space, called Abnormality Events, they are often they are benign; objects suddenly shifting locations on a ship deck without warning or the colour of a ship changing without warning. But on occasion other more extreme events occur that have lasting and permanent effects. Objects of strange power have suddenly manifested in seemingly random locations, offering bizarre powers to those that find and figure out how to work them. Some objects masquerade as common items, like a broom, wrench, pistol, or spoon.   Others manifest in esoteric shapes, like a perfect cube made of polished steel, or a ten-foot shaft of glass that illuminates from within with no power source. No matter the shape of these Abnormality Objects as they are often called, they all can inexplicably manifest strange powers from the simple; illumination, levitation of small objects, and feelings of nausea or confusion when nearby. To the extreme; gouts of flame spewing from the item, telekinetic attacks ranging from hallucinatory to illusory, or even limited ability to affect and bend reality.   While technology is advanced enough to support life on space stations, create space crafts worthy of travel within the void of space, and huge pieces of machinery that float in space harvesting valuable minerals from clusters of asteroids, most are still bulky, complicated, and mostly analogue, though some basic holographic displays and messaging systems do exist they are expensive, difficult to work, and often fragile.
The most advanced piece of technology created during the mapping of Delta Space is arguably the Probability Suspension Drive and Improbable Distance Drives, which allow for faster travel between systems and planets. The two drives are essentially the same technology but were designed and manufactured by different companies. They are fast and relatively safe to use, though the cost associated with even a one-time use is typically exorbitant.   At the exact center of the Delta Space, is The Variance, an enormous space station constructed long before the mapping of the Delta Space was completed. No one is sure who created it, though many cultures and people seem to believe their ancestors may have at least in part assisted with its construction. Within its walls are endless streets, corridors, climes, and ecosystems both natural and economic.   It is a strange place that seemingly has no borders once entered and carries on, building upon itself in its seemingly infinite space as more and more people settle there. Many theories have been proposed but no one truly knows how it grows internally without it expanding immensely on the outside.   There is seemingly an infinite and unchartered space outside of the mapped boundaries of Delta Space as well, but it is incredibly dangerous and foolish to explore it. No known routes have been able to be established bridging the gap between known and Unknown Space, and any attempts at doing so have failed quickly and often in dramatic fashion.   Any known explorers that have ventured into the unknown reaches of space have never come back to telltale of what they have experienced. It is thought that unknown and chaotic energies plague the region that surrounds Delta Space, causing the destruction of any ship that enters it in short order. Keeping outsiders out, and insiders within.

This setting is a challenge for me to write something outside of the high fantasy genre on World Anvil I have become accustomed to. I began this world during the annual World Anvil Summer Camp of 2021. And I am putting a renewed effort into this setting moving forward.   My influences for Delta Space are 90's and early 00's anime sci-fi, and 80's cinema sci-fi and weirdness. My goal is to make The Delta Space feel like Cowboy Bebop was mixed up the New Weird genre, which I have recently become smitten with. Though whatever is inspiring me at the moment will likely make it in as well, with a few doses of comedy sprinkled in here and there.   The name for the setting is inspired by my hometown of Hamilton, Ontario, where I went to a high school named Delta Secondary School, and in which Canada's first stoplights were installed in 1925 mere blocks from where I grew up, to this day that intersection is called, The Delta.