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Fyria was born in the mouth of a hungry forge, fed by the eternal flames of Ether and shaped by the golden hammer of Eeavarin. Fyria is a world of kingdoms and empires, constantly fluctuating between times of peace and war, change and quiet. For hundreds of years now the world has been in an age of kings, queens, emperors and monarchs. The Era of Crowns.   Visit the vast fields and farmland of Heldrin and it's ever expanding capital Sumner or stalk the murky streets of Roseport where thieves lurk around every corner and in every bar; pick locks in the shadows of night in the Lampshade district or hock your wares down at the docks in Harbourside.   Or travel north to The Empire of Aldelgis; trudge through a snowy terrain of mountains, forests, and lakes in search of treasure and adventure or join the Imperial Legion of The Crown and protect the citizens of the empire from monsters and invading forces.
Fyria is a diverse land filled with countless peoples, cultures, and adventures. Capture the power of the Ether, the world's magical energy by studying the ancient traditions of the magical arts or by harnessing the power of Ether Crystals, an Aldelgis technology used to magically enhance new weaponry and power giant mechanized knights that tower over the Empires enemies.   Discover new and exciting peoples like the majestic Avanii, a colourful race of avian people whos plumage glide through the world with a carefree attitude and strong sense of exploration and adventure. Or if you are brave enough, visit Keldavor, home of The Unfallen, a race of undead humanoids sworn to the God of the Dead and True Unfallen One, Keldrin.   In Fyria you'll find yourself embroiled in political battles, fierce duels, and epic wars no matter where you land.