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World Ember 2023 Goals and Progress

So, I am writing and posting this a bit late into the game, about halfway through, but I have just gotten into the swing of things. Overcome some mental blocks, and build the appropriate drive needed to give this year's World Ember a heck of a go. My minimum goal is to hit the 10k word count, which I am thankful to say I have accomplished with my series of articles about Bastion and Estrua in my fantasy setting of Fyria. I am posting this progress page in Fyria for ease of posting; might post a copy of this on my Delta Space page as well but we will see. So, anyway, now that my drive has been built my max goal is to hit 25k total. 12'500 words for Fyria and 12'500 words for The Delta Space. Or there about. Would love for you to come along with me on this, check out my two main worlds, check out my articles for the challenge and let's all crush it.
Final Thoughts
I am writing this a few days before the official end of World Ember, on the 28th to be exact, and I think for this year I am content with what I have written and posted and I think I am going to call it here outside of a few potential tweaks and edits. I came in to this year with a small bit of dread, I was not in a very good head space and it took nearly two weeks to even get started writing. But I overcame this dread little by little and eventually found myself in the flow of things. I am very happy with what I've written this year, for more than I've written during a World Ember in a couple years now I believe. And I hit my max goal as well of 25k total words, half for Fyria and the other half for the Delta Space. The first time I have successfully written for both of my worlds during the same challenge. Anyways, I am going to sign off now. I hope everyone's World Ember has been great as well, I'll definitely be diving in to reading as much as I can over the next few weeks. Here's to a positive 2024.

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