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Emergency Patchment Glue


Emergency Patchment Glue is a versatile material that is used to temporarily patch various kinds of damage on buildings, ships, and various structures. The glue has a hefty lifespan and can sit in containers or covered bricks for years and still be viable, once it is applied to a surface it can hold for several weeks or months depending on the damage it is patching.   The glue is not meant to be a permanent fix and is supposed to only be for temporary emergency use in between locations or while waiting for a more permanent solution to become available. The glue is frequently used by space farers and builders to patch holes and tears. The more frugal-natured ship owners and building managers often use the glue for much longer than is suggested on the packaging.   Either style of Emergency Patchment Glue, described in its two forms below, can either be slathered or shaped onto breaches, holes, tears, and more to seal them until the aforementioned more permanent solution can be found. This material is hardy enough to even seal leaks between a ship's hull and the rigours of space, protecting the ship's inhabitants from a perilous end.   When holes are torn into ships and station hulls the glue allows for enough time so that the ship can still operate and make it to a settlement or station for proper repairs. Because of this several cubes or at least a tub or two of Emergency Patchment Glue can be found on almost every ship travelling the Delta Space. Making it one of the most widely spread and purchased products in known space, alongside B.O.E.R.Fs - Body Operation Energy Refuel Foods.
I am not sure what I would have done without Emergency Patchment Glue, I got hit by an errant asteroid, the sucker was no bigger than my fist but it tore it good chunk out of my ship. Luckily all I had to do was pour in some of the liquid-style Emergency Patchment Glue and I was good to go. Flew my ship for another cycle before I was able to get to a repair station and fix up the tear properly. I reckon the glue would have held for another radial if I needed it to.
— Totally unbiased and real review by a real customer for the Liquid Goo style Emergency Patchment Glue

Available Purchasable Forms

Liquid Goo
This form of Emergency Patchment Glue comes in a one-gallon can or container, about the size of an average paint can. This liquid form is colourless and smells mildly sweet, if the smell has become acrid or alcoholic it has gone off. This liquid form has to be kept sealed as once it has been revealed to air it will quickly begin to solidify into a tough rubbery form. As such, once the container has been opened all of the glue must be used or the next time you open the can it will just be one solid piece of rubber.   While this is the biggest downfall to the liquid form of the glue, it is also known to be the better form to use for things like hull breaches in the floors of ships or for tears. For anything that may be hiding damage from view, the liquid form of Emergency Patchment Glue is more appropriate.   If, for example, a ship has a tear in its outer hull and a major breach is a potential it is best to patch as much of the damage as possible to ensure that the tear does not expand. So, the liquid form of the glue can easily be slathered or poured into damaged areas and fill in any small or micro-tears hidden in walls or beyond view or reach in general.
Clay Cubes
The second form of Emergency Patchment Glue comes in a cubed clay-like form and usually is sold in a four-pack, though larger packs are sold for bulk use. The clay form is a light to dark grey colour and typically doesn't have much of a smell, though as it ages it becomes a bit musty and muddy smelling.   The clay form has a longer shelf life being nearly limitless and doesn't harden nearly as quickly as the liquid form, allowing it to stay out uncovered for a longer period. The clay form is best used for lesser emergencies and for things that don't require an air-tight seal.   It can be smeared and/or formed around small holes or cracks to prevent full breaks, so if small damage is spotted early on the clay form is likely better and easier to use and you only have to unwrap it, break off a hunk, and smear it over the light damage.   The clay will cure into a hard plastic material after being exposed to air over six to eight hours. Unused clay can be rewrapped or placed into an air-tight container and it should keep its clay form indefinitely.

Unintended Uses

There have been two popular and unconventional ways to use Emergency Patchment Glue, one is harmless and quite artistic, the other not so much.   The first use outside of your typical patch job is its use in art. Many artists have begun using the glue as both a primary material and as a method of repair and texturing. Several artists have stopped using classical clay for statues as such and have instead begun using the clay form of Emergency Patchment Glue. The glue provides several benefits when put up against classical clay. For one, you don't need an over to fire and proof the clay, with the Emergency Patchment Glue all you need is time. As long as the statue is made fairly quickly, the clay sets within six to eight hours and you are left with a hardy plastic figurine or statue that is not only easier to set but is less brittle than classical clay.   Artists have even used the liquid form of Emergency Patchment Glue, some use it to repair old or broken statues, using small bits of the liquid to fill in cracks or reattach broken-off pieces. The glue is not only a material that is great for patching things, but it also works well as an atypical glue. Although it does harden into a plastic substance it also provides a uniquely textured surface that many artists have grown to like. The texture, depending on how it is applied can leave a glossy somewhat reflective surface. It can be shaped into a smooth surface or more unique patterns like waves or swirls.   The other use is for something a bit more destructive; the use of the liquid glue to intentionally sabotage various things. This usage is a bit of a mixed bag and is highly contentious on most fronts as it has been utilized by vagrants and thieves, but also by rebels, protestors, and freedom fighters.   Many of these usage cases are simple and quite effective in their destruction, just take a can of the liquid goo form of Emergency Patchment Glue and chuck it into an engine, a computer, or any sort of item you want to essentially irrevocably destroy. Especially in technology that has lots of bits and working parts, the glue seeps in and harder in between all the spaces and absolutely destroys the tech's ability to do anything.   It is also highly efficient in slowing the efforts of construction or demolition crews, just toss a few cans of glue onto tools and equipment and if it doesn't destroy them outright then it will take days of effort to chip away at the hardened plastic to free the imprisoned tools. It also works wonders for pirates and ship thieves, just sneak onto a parked ship and toss a can into the engine. When the ship is started the engine backfires and shuts down, then in the confusion the owners can be dismissed of and the ship hauled off for scrap and plunder.
Emergency Patchment Glue is a thick colourless goo that is used to repair damage such as holes and tears in a variety of structures, most commonly in emergency ship repairs.   The material is sold in two forms, liquid goo and clay-like cubes each type is more suited to certain jobs. Emergency Patchment Glue is created and sold by QXA Construction Star, a MegaCorpo whose primary focus is building construction and construction materials.
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QXA Construction Star
QXA Construction Star is the MegaCorpo that produces and sells Emergency Patchment Glue, they own the exclusive rights and patents to its formula and distribution. Though many other companies have tried to sell alternatives, nobody has come close to matching QXA's success and domination of the emergency repairs market.   Outside of the sale of the glue QXA's primary focus is building construction and construction materials. They run several branches that make up their total business market, the first being the sale and production of Emergency Patchment Glue, the second being the construction of on-planet buildings, the third being the construction of interior structures for existing buildings and space stations, and the last being the manufacturing and sale of various construction materials for sale to third-party of freelance construction workers or companies. The sale of their glue is the most stable of their business branches, making them a steady income with a fairly low production cost.   They are extremely successful in their field and are likely the most profitable building-based construction company in the Delta Space. Though their profits pail in comparison to those in the Corporate Guidance Reformation.

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