Claxon Tydings, CFO of the X’angolia Corporation

Origins of Corporate Tyrant

Claxon Tydings was born to wealthy Founder parents on a space station in the southern territories of the Imperial Council of Planets, near the border of the Variance Station's territory. His parents were also career-corporate managers and directors, Claxon would be the couple's only child. Not many details are known about his earliest days, but it is known that he was sent to the wealthiest and most sought-after schools, and received a stellar education. According to the man himself, in the few interviews he has given, would grow a love for finance, accounting, and the world of economics at a young age.   And while his education went 'superbly', his social life suffered and personal growth floundered. Claxon would never be a popular individual, incredibly un-so at many points, and would remain awkward and rather unlikeable throughout his adolescence. He just rubbed people the wrong way, saying rude or blunt things during conversations, often insulting people's intelligence and worth. This wasn't necessarily intentional but he would never learn to understand people and why they became upset with him so frequently. And over time, he unintentionally embraced this attitude, becoming notorious for being a conversational narcissist, taking control over any conversation he entered. Telling people his exact thoughts and opinions even when it was unwarranted, unwanted, or completely tactless to do so.   When he completed his schooling, he was a young man with a reputation for being a jerk with no friends. But he was still incredibly smart, and already had a job in the waiting. His parents, who at the time worked for a sizable shipping company had lined up a job internship for their son.   Claxon was originally hired as a financial intern but within a few months of stellar work secured a permanent job as an Assistant Accounting Officer. During this time, he audited the company's finances and highlighted various areas in which they could be saving money and making efficiencies. His boss at the time took the audit's findings and implemented many of Claxon's suggestions. In the end, it would save the company millions, bringing it more swiftly into the green. However, Claxon's boss would take credit for the audit and the suggestions, leaving Claxon's involvement unmentioned.   This greatly displeased Claxon, who quickly engaged his more ruthless side to deal with the man who had disrespected his efforts. Claxon would swiftly, and rather conveniently, discover a long slew of hidden files that revealed that his boss was embezzling from the company. And despite his soon-to-be former boss' protestations of innocence, he was fired, and Claxon took his place. Claxon had enacted his first act of corporate justice as he viewed it and would secure a promotion at the same time.   Claxon would continue to rise through the company taking on more and more power, sometimes through dubious means. Once he sat in a role of suitable significance his tactics would continue to escalate. Often enacting increasingly extreme efficiency-improving and cost-saving measures. This included dozens of emotionless job cutbacks and terminations. Two of which being, shockingly so, his own parents, when he deemed their jobs too redundant and in need of cutting. He was right from a financial perspective, unfortunately, but his parents didn't view it this way. Viewing it as a callous betrayal, unfortunately, this would cause a permanent rift that became a lifetime of estrangement from his parents. Claxons' only real personal connections of value were now gone, never to be replaced. But he didn't overly seem to care and continued to work his way up the corporate ladder.  

Current Day Status amongst Corporate Elites

Eventually, Claxon's role in this first company became too small for him, and when the company refused to allow him complete control over the company's management he left. He wasn't upset, or even disappointed he was mainly bored. He was already fairly wealthy and mainly wished for a challenge. He would bounce around a few corporate jobs for a few years but they all ended up the same, they were just too small for him.   Soon, however, he wound up somewhere that matched his zeal and ruthless aggression. TheX'angolia Corporation, a company with humble and long roots that became one of the largest and most powerful MegaCorpos in the Delta Space. He even accepted a position far below his station, primarily so he could "face a worthy challenge once more," in his own words.   And Claxon would rise to the top, within five years he had managed to rise all the way to his current CFO role. An almost unheard task, especially for someone who was barely through his thirties.   Within his CFO role, he has become well-reviled, much like with his past roles at other companies, known for being ruthlessly efficient with job cutting and financial costing, accounting, and investing. Making sweeping cuts in order to make the books balance with little concern for people's jobs or well-being. But he keeps the place profitable, and running on a slim and streamlined workforce, and that is what is important to him. He has now been with the company for almost thirty years and is one of the company's tenured employees. He now works side by side with the closest thing to a friend he has, X'angolia Corporation's CEO, Gideon Pierce.
The Pleasure Domes of Exon-5; the station's ownership was transferred to the X'angolia Corporation after a defaulted loan payment.

Example of Ruthlessness

He once fired a man on his wedding day, the signed and officiated letter was hand-delivered to the groom moments before his ceremony began. When asked his reasoning, Claxon stated that he, "always hands out releasement letters on that particular loop each radial, so the man should have known better than to book his wedding for that day."   Claxon was also one of the minds behind the X'angolia Corporations' infamous low-interest rate long-term loan plans, a plan that looks good on the front but has severe and dire consequences for those that default even on one payment. This scheme was what lead to the acquisition of the Pleasure Domes of Exon-5 by the X'angoia Corporation.
Claxon Tydings is the current Chief Financial Operator of the X'angolia Corporation. He is known for his expert and often ruthless methods of interpersonal and financial manipulation skills. Personally, he is known for being socially awkward, blunt, and compassionless. Some have gone as far as describing him as a sociopath.   Tydings has been the CFO for the X'angoloia Corporation for nearly three decades, being one of the company's longest-tenured corporate executives. And could have easily taken over the CEO role of the company at some point but has decided not to. As he enjoys his current roles focus on the money of the business. Also, he respects the current CEO, Gideon Pierce's strict management abilities and ruthlessness far too much and believes the X'angolia Corporation runs better with them in their current roles.   He is the only other corporate director who is aware of the company's involvement in the The Corporate Guidance Reformation and often assists Pierce's handling of certain dealings within this corporate collusion club.
Claxon Tydings can be described as a gaunt and severe-looking man, and someone who despite only being in their late fifties looks significantly older.   He is tall and slim, with sunken cheeks and eye sockets, with one eye that has a slightly larger pupil than the other. He has white hair that he dyes partially a rosey pink colour, and keeps it somewhat slicked back when he can be bothered to do so. Tydings does however pride himself on his tidy and prim suit collection, with his favourite being a light pink one that matches his hair colour.

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