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The Corporate Guidance Reformation

Formation and Goals

Frustrated by the fluctuating chaos and uncertainty that is the Delta Space economy, four MegaCorpos, the X'angolia Corporation, Signa Pharmaceuticals, Zaiba Fuel and Space Innovations IGO, and Whitestar MiliTech decided to have a secret meeting between their four heads of business to discuss matters of economical importance between them. What started as a singular conversation about mutual trade and favourable business between the four businesses soon veered towards talk of a permanent coalition. A secret formation comprised of the four MegaCorpo's where discussion of ongoing economic frustrations they were facing in the Delta Space and how they could go about guiding factors in their favour. The four leaders all agreed that much like the Association for Organized Galactic Economic Growth long before them, they would help guide the economy of the Delta Space towards a favourable and profitable future but without the suffocating voices of the countless businesses that eventually drowned and destroyed the original Association. They would call themselves the Corporate Guidance Reformation.   The Corporate Guidance Reformation is not known publically and works secretly within the shadows to pull the strings of the business world in whichever direction it wishes. And while it doesn't have complete sway over all of the Delta Space, it has already had significant effects in their favour in the short time they have colluded together. They are not opposed to using illegal economic tactics including price collusion, as well as more unsavoury tactics like blackmail, violence, and extortion to get their way.   As such, for the last twelve years, the four anonymous leaders of each company have regularly met to discuss what actions they feel are necessary for adequate and continued growth and success for the various companies. Going as far as to incite violence, where the ensuing conflicts could be used to raise the need and desirability of their products and services. So far, this union has proven to be highly favourable and successful for all of the involved corporations. So much so, they have begun discussions on bringing in a new member, ExaBase Advanced Travel, a MegaCorpo that controls a large wealth of Probability Suspension Drives, which allow for long-distance travel. The addition of this MegaCorpo would allow for unprecedented control over long-distance trade and travel for the Corporate Guidance Reformation and could potentially give them a massive increase in collective power.  

Current Members

X'angolia Corporation

Is the oldest corporation in the Corporate Guidance Reformation, having formed during the heyday of the original Association for Organized Galactic Economic Growth. The business originally operated as a network of owned junkyards that would sell refurbished parts at a discount to stations and ships. However, the corporation has changed much since those times, and while they still own and operate junkyards they have taken the fortune made in that original endeavour and have instead focused their sights on the entertainment, gambling, and financing fields. Becoming one of the strongest powers in each of those sections during the past two hundred years.   Unfortunately, this took the company in a direction that sullied its original owner and founder, Maro X'angolia, intentions and hopes for the company. When Maro still owned and operated the company it was known for being reliable, honest, and fair with its business dealings. However, upon his death, having no heirs the company's control would be transferred to a board of directors who take it down a more unscrupulous path. A path that included unfair deals, market manipulations, and endeavours into increasingly seedy business dealings. And while the company has never seen more financial success and power, it has gained a poor reputation in the Delta Space.   They have especially become infamous for their low-interest rate long-term loan plans, which hypothetically allow loan takers to pay off their sum over a long stretch of time with little to no interest. However, the company has built-in several clauses into these deals that allow them to take possession of the customer's property in lieu of payment if any are missed. In some circumstances, this has allowed the X'angolia Corporation to take into its possession items of significant value, like the Pleasure Domes of Exon-5.

Signa Pharmaceuticals

The Delta Spaces' pre-eminent medical and pharmaceutical corporation, Signa Pharmaceuticals is known for its vast wealth and ownership of thousands of medical and pharmaceutical copyrights and patents. Creating a medical monopoly in which only they are allowed to facilitate, produce, and sell various important medicines.   Due to this, they have gained almost complete control over the cost of various important and desired drugs. In some cases driving up the price so high that no one can afford it, is a tactic done intentionally to drive sales toward an affiliated company's somewhat cheaper off-brand version. Sadly, they are also known to rush products to the market, releasing untested medicine with potentially severe side effects.   Signa Pharmaceuticals rose to its current status as ruler of the pharmaceutical field after its former CEO, Ankoma Melkor, devised a clever scheme to help expand the company's reach. They would approach other medical and trade companies and suggest a merger, one of equal share rights. Offering their companies services, products, and current network ties to assist in the expansion of both of their businesses.   In exchange, Signa would gain access to its facilities, trade networks, and copyright usage. The latter of which would be a true money maker for Signa. The companies would merge on paper but would be allowed to be managed separately, at least initially. Many of these business deals would be accepted due in part to the offerings being so enticing and also due to Melkor's charisma. Eventually, these merged companies made so much money that Melkor would position Signa to slowly begin taking over management of the sister companies and consolidate all the companies officially.

Zaiba Fuel and Space Innovations IGO

Zaiba Fuel and Space Innovations IGO (Intergalactic Organization), or just Zaiba IGO, is likely the most powerful of the four MegaCorpo's involved in the Corporate Guidance Reformation despite the simplicity of its business portfolio. Zaiba IGO primarily has two business avenues, the first being the mining and processing of various fuel sources, including Ignition Crystals and Vanderium-4 . The second is the construction of spaceships and space stations. All of these avenues are essential to life and business within the Delta Space, and as such Zaiba IGO has created a considerable amount of cash flow from their endeavours. And while they conduct their own corporate tactics to ensure they make a profit, they are the least egregious of the four MegaCorpos in this collective.   Their intentions within the group are primarily to ensure that their business remains stable and continues to be profitable, working with the other three corporations to ensure no other business gains enough capital or power to pose a threat to their existing business networks. Zaiba IGO is however, trying to muscle in on the long-distance travel business which includes the ownership and operation of the strange and curious Probability Suspension Drive and Improbable Distance Drives. However, the rest of the Corporate Guidance Reformation has been hesitant to support this venture as it is of heavy interest to the group to eventually bring at least one of the MegaCorpo's that operate many of these Probability Suspension Drives.

Whitestar MiliTech

The youngest and most aggressive corporation of the Corporate Guidance Reformation, Whitestar MiliTech was founded thirty years ago as a newly privatized military force for hire. Comprised mainly of former Imperial Founder military and Lupine exiles, an unexpected team-up as the two societies typically do not get along, but one that would prove to be effective. Whitestar MiliTech quickly became known as the fiercest private army for hire across the eastern Governances and would quickly gain a large clientele while also hiring new members from across the various Territorial Governances.   Known for their brutal and aggressive tactics that would allow for a quick end to whatever conflict they were requested to become involved in. Within ten years Whitestar Militech would gain enough capital from their private army endeavours to fund a secondary arm, one that would gain them far more profit, weapons and munitions manufacturing.   Whitestar MiliTech assuredly has the cruellest goals for joining the Corporate Guidance Reformation, they wish to incite conflict and war across the Delta Space. So that their weapons and munitions sales and private army endeavours can continue unabated. Peace means an end to their business, and the leaders at the top don't want that. So, with the help of the other MegaCorpos, they cause chaos across the Delta Space using various shadowy figures and means. Hiring other mercenary groups, pirates, and assassins to conduct their violent business. These sorts of tactics also benefit the other MegaCorpo's in the conglomeration, as it boosts the need for medicine, fuel, and emergency finances.
A secret conglomeration of some of the leading MegaCorpos in the Delta Space. These corporations, currently comprised of a union of the X'angolia Corporation, Signa Pharmaceuticals, Zaiba Fuel and Space Innovations IGO, and Whitestar MiliTech, have come together to collude and take advantage of their individual business sections to create more profit for themselves and to guide the Delta Space to an economic future that they perceive is best for all. They view themselves as the new and untethered form of the original business coalition in the Delta Space known as The Association for Organized Galactic Economic Growth.
Table of Contents
Anonymous Management
It has become common practice in MegaCorpos for higher management, leaders, and directors to remain anonymous to the public and even their own employees. This even extends to the Corporate Guidance Reformation, with each member not knowing each other's true identities and instead using their individual companies' names.
Founding Date
Founder's Era Galactic Calendar Year of 3661; Variance Time - Year 2882
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