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The Deer is Dead

The following is a recounting of the facts by the journalist Zafiaira
30 of Preparing, Year 9, E.Ru

Karte Flag
Flag of Karte by Naelin
Logo of the Raised Bakers Resistance by Naelin
Some wounds from the Night of the Unlit Candles are still healing among the population of Karte, whose spirits have been invigorated by their triumph over the oppressive government of the Regal Stag Family.
The bloodthirst did not wind down in the months that King Rastapuj spent in prison while the different subversive groups decided in a course of action and if anything, the Kartian were readier than ever to see the end of the deer rule when the man got taken out of his cell in shackles and brought to the coast of the Tantalej river this morning, sided by an extensive guard of revolutionaries.   The chosen place was not, as many had suggested, the same place where 17 years ago Prince Kuja was beheaded by invading Irates, but a section of the river inside of the City of Dia, which was adorned with symbols of the country and of the revolutionaries.
The Raised Bakers Resistance could be found distributing loaves of bread among the public while sharing words of unity.
A few individuals from the royal guard were reported to be present, most notably Captain Texakae, who through the past months had to defend her claim of being "loyal to the country, not to the monarch" to avoid prosecution.   By midday, a sizeable crowd had gathered at the riverside as the famous revolutionary Ararak (Leader of the Raised Bakers Resistance) enacted a speech to the public, remarking the people's bravery and declaring that the day would see the end of the Kartian Kingdom to bring back the Kartian democracy, led by proud Kartian scalies.
By the end of their speech, Ararak showed the public the Sash of the People, the historical sash that the president of the Kartian republic would wear to represent the support of their people, and was greeted with a loud cheer.   The time came at about 2 pm when Rastapuj was brought out of the cage wagon and into an improvised wooden platform in front of the public and the river.
As Karikat, leader of the Proud Kartian Scalies, read a long verdict to the king and the public, the face of the monarch remained fixed in a sort of shocked state. He did not speak, defend himself or insult the public.   The speech was still going on while one of the people officiating the ceremony, triggered by some predefined cue, positioned himself behind Rastapuj and in a single motion, sliced his neck from side to side without fanfare. The death throes of the man deafened a public that stayed stone-faced, not cheering, but not regretting the moment either.   Amidst the slowed time of this event, a scream and then a thousand more filled the air as Ararak fell to the ground, with a badly aimed arrow sunk into their shoulder. A second arrow was fired, aimed again at Ararak but hitting Karikat, who had rushed to help the baker and so had stood in front of them. Karikat was shot through the belly and bled profusely.   Captain Texakae immediately commanded her personnel to search the area, as the public was rushed into a safer area.   By the end of the day, the building where the shooter was hid was raided and the shooter was found to be a member of the Proud Kartian Scalies union.   The body of Rastapuj was taken to be prepared and given funerary services, and the two revolutionaries were taken to a health facility. Ararak was declared to be out of danger, while Karikat's state remains delicate.
It was announced that the date of the first elections of the New Republic of Karte will be reviewed and the current date is put on hold until the matter is solved.
Heroforge Ararak TB.png
Ararak by Naelin
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Conflict Type
Civil War
Start Date
30 of Preparing, Year 9, E.Ru
Civil War on Karte
Military Conflict | Nov 15, 2021

After centuries of being treated as an inferior race, the scalies of Karte are finally fighting back.

Karte's Raised Bakers Resistance
Organization | Jul 11, 2022

Subversive organisation of anarchist bakers united towards the goal of abolishing the Kartian monarchy

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