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Karte's Raised Bakers Resistance

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Pushed into creation by the pressing economic decline on the Kingdom of Karte, the bakers of the City of Dia called upon each other to organize and fight for their rights and livelihoods. Bakers from neighbouring towns and eventually the whole country joined with them through action and networking, and eventually became the leading force of the Civil War on Karte, supporting their indefatigable leader, Ararak.  

Bread for the people

While the final goal of the Raised Bakers Rasistance is for Karte's Kingdom to be replaced by an anarchic, horizontal state with no powerful rulers whatsoever, their most immediate concern is to ensure their labour and the survival of their people.   The Raised Bakers work with the communities to help those stricken by hunger and to help each other aquire the raw materials they need to make food escaping the choking taxes imposed by the king.   Most of their activism, however, ended up aimed towards helping their leader Ararak aquire resources and information, evade capture and become known accros the country.

Cheeky Pastries

One of the actions more directly attributable to the Raised Bakers is the naming of pastries, breads and cakes with cheeky references to the aristocracy, military and monarchy.
References to antlers, wealth, snobbism and weaponry abound, with the most celebrated and harsh being the "King's mind", a big doughnut-shaped bread made with grease, with cuts on the sides that makes it resemble a crown once it raises. Once cold enough, the King's mind is flaky and crumbles between one's fingers as it's picked apart into pieces.

Weaving connections

Weavers' Wool by Naelín
Founding Date
3008 E.Alz
Guild, Professional
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Civil War on Karte
Military Conflict | Nov 15, 2021

After centuries of being treated as an inferior race, the scalies of Karte are finally fighting back.

Character | Dec 18, 2021

Spokesperson of the Karte's Raised Bakers Resistance and people's leader of the civil war on Karte.

The Raised Bakers Resistance is inspired by a real life group from my country's history. Read about the real anarchist bakers here!

Cover image: Banner Raised Bakers Resistance by Naelin
Character flag image: Logo of the Raised Bakers Resistance by Naelin


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