City of Dia

Capital city of the Kingdom of Karte

Located south of the meeting point where the Superior Tantalej and the Termatron rivers converge into the Main Tantalej river, the city of Dia is both the governmental and economic capital of the Kingdom of Karte.   Dia is a port city and is involved in a lot of internal trade through the rivers, though its distance to the ocean (around 80 kilometres, not accounting for all of the river's curves) makes many international merchants prefer other coastal settlements on the west coast of the island to trade with.  


Many Kartians (as well as international tourists) travel to Dia in order to see the massive palace of King Rastapuj as well as the homes of the many aristocrats residing in the most exclusive areas of the city.  
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The area is heavily guarded, as disguising as tourists to vandalise the aristocrat's or royal's dwellings, or outright attack any deers, has become a common occurrence from scaly protestors since the civil war arose in Karte.
A big component of the city's tourist is also those that use it as a stop in their way north to The Mightiest Roar, the impressive waterfall formation amidst the Chalk Expanse, the biggest white forest in the archipelago.

The assault of Dia

The War on Pirates that King Rastapuj carried on on 3004 E.Alz to counter the fluorish of pirate activity in the country's coasts was abruptly ended by the worst episode seen in recent times in the city of Dia.
In the 18th of Burning, 3006 E.Alz, a mass, organised invasion of pirates was carried out as revenge.   Several buildings were burned down and dozens or maybe hundreds of civilians were held hostage, attacked or killed, all as a distraction manouver to kidnap the son of the king, Kuja.
This event ended with the public excecution of the young prince two weeks after the start of the attack and the fleeing of the pirates, taking a captured ship as trophy.
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Irate assault of Karte
Military Conflict | Jul 21, 2021

The vengeance of the east coast pirates that ended the Kartian war on pirates

The Haan Archipelago

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