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Third Invasion of New Suterr

Suterr's Flatland is controlled in almost its entirety by the city-state of New Suterr. Despite its relatively small state, it can exert its influence over nearly all of the sub-continent, laying claim and operating the various rich stores of rare resources. While more common resources like carbon, aluminium, and iron can be found all over the star system, and can be mined very easily from the planet's orbital belt, Suterr's Flatland contains rarer elements, which are harder to find and costly to harvest, making the region very good for mining.   This being the case, the Kingdom Of Anakrion, the most powerful nation on and around the planet, has waged three wars thus far to gain control of them, with limited success. With the resources of the Flatland, the Anakrionian military-industrial complex would improve substantially. New Suterr's access to these has both improved its military, as well as allowed it to gain favour with other factions and players on the planet's stage, allowing it to be so resilient. The, well, flat nature of the Flatland, combined with lack of infrastructure and size, have made for a difficult region to assault, and and easy one to defend, as points of interest are few and far between. Access to sea is also quite useful, though the Kingdom of Anakrion having orbital infrastructure makes some of the flatland's traits less impactful.  

The First and Second wars

The first of the invasions began in mid-2703, not long after the second King of Anakrion, Rexo Vilianore, was elected into power. It ended in early 2705. This invasion was a purely resource-focused one, as both he and the previous King, Rexaen Prim, recognized the value of the Flatland. The first invasion went well initially, but New Suterr was not only well prepared for it, but also had backing from several other city-states both on the subcontinent as well as the Vertul Republic, the Kingdom of Anakrion's main rival and second-most powerful nation in the system. Eventually, the effort was deemed too much for the Kingdom's military capabilities, and was called off.   The second invasion, going from late 2788 to early 2789, was much the same, though this time the Vertul Republic joined in directly, and the vast expanse of Suterr's Flatland became a large-scale battlefield over mining zones and resource collection hubs. It lasted for less than half a year, as both sides agreed on a truce, with the Kingdom of Anakrion gaining some mining areas near the Dertii Mountain Range.  

Current war

Under the rule of the seventh King of Anakrion, Rexilis Ileas, the Kingdom of Anakrion once more marches to war, this time with both resource acquisition and to correct the humiliation of not being able to conquer such a small enemy. The invasion has been ongoing for two years, since 2874, and has met some success, though the pattern of the two past invasions seems to be reemerging.   While the Kingdom of Anakrion has control over the orbit and could potentially annihilate New Suterr itself, this is both against their goals, and would earn the ire of the rest of the planet's nations, even more than the general militarism and warmongering of the Kingdom has. The Vertul Republic and several others appear to be gearing up for some kind of larger-scale war this time, and perhaps within the decade, there will be a larger war directly against the Kingdom of Anakrion. Time will tell. As it stands, if no one intervenes, the Kingdom seems to be on a direct course to take over New Suterr's mineral production.
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